This article focuses on the Pokemon Go Zweilous Raid and the best tactics to defeat this Pokemon

Pokemon Go Zweilous Raid Overview

Pokemon Go is still popular amongst players due to its addictive nature integrating various gameplay mechanics. , A vital part of Pokemon Go is raids, where players must battle and capture new types of Pokemon each month, which range in rarity from 1-Stars to 5-Star Legendaries.

In Pokémon Go, Zweilous is a Tier 3 Raid Boss. It is a two-headed draconian Pokémon with two black appendages that resemble wings and black fur covering both of its heads and the area surrounding its eyes. Zweilous also has a short tail and two claws on each of its front legs. Even though it’s not a particularly difficult opponent to battle, you still need to utilize the right counters to defeat it effectively. Thus, we will discuss the most effective strategies and counters for defeating Zweilous in this Pokemon Go Zweilous Raid tutorial.

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Zweilous Pokemon Art

Should you already own this elite Dark- and Dragon-class Pseudo-Legendary pocket monster, eliminating Zweilous will continue to be a reliable way to obtain Candy for enhancing your power. Zweilous has the following vulnerabilities as a result of its two elemental types: Fighting, Ice, Fairy, Bug, and Dragon. In a Zweilous Raid in Pokemon Go, fairy counters are the most potent of these five counters and will cause the greatest damage.

You’ll need to have a raid party full of fully upgraded Fairy, Bug, Dragon, Fighting, and Ice-type Pocket Monsters if you want to try your hand at taking down this dark dragon on your own. The following counters are suggested for usage against this pokemon: (Please keep in mind that there are many more Pokemon to use and counter but these are the best recommendations)

Pokemon Go Zweilous Raid Attack Recommendations

PokemonFast AttackCharged Attack
TogekissCharmDazzling Gleam
ClefableFairy WindDazzling Gleam
Rayquaza (Mega)Dragon TailOutrage
TerrakionDouble KickSacred Sword
Rapidash (Galarian)Fairy WindPlay Rough
GranbullCharmPlay Rough
SylveonCharmDazzling Gleam
FlorgesFairy WindMoonblast
XurkitreeThunder ShockDazzling Gleam
These are the best attack counters for Pokemon Go Zweilous Raid

Pokemon Go Zweilous Raid
Zweilous in Pokemon Go Battle

The combat power of this dragon is 2079. Considering that, you should have little trouble defeating this monster if you enter this three-star raid equipped with high-level counters like Mega Gardevoir, Mega Alakazam, Mega Rayquaza, Shadow Gardevoir, Shadow Granbull, and the others.

You won’t need to evade much because of its low attack stat, thus you can dispatch this beast fast. Still, it’s best to avoid its assaults as much as you can.It is susceptible to attacks from fairies, bugs, dragons, fighting, and ice. If you are a skilled player, you will need two or three trainers in your team in addition to the best countermeasures for a Tier 3 Raid of this level.

Pokemon Go Zweilous Raid
Pokemon GO Zweilous Art

The two best moves in Zweilous’ moveset are Dragon Pulse and Bite. Their aggregate DPS is 44.4 for the two of them. Additionally, it is the most effective set of moves for both PvP and Pokémon Gym combat. Its pool of moves also includes several respectable attacks like Body Slam, Dragon Breath, and Dark Pulse. With these tactics players can easily conquer the Pokemon Go Zweilous Raid.

What are Raids in Pokemon GO

Raids are limited time events that can let players battle and catch various legendary pokemon.

Are they specific tactics to catch legendary Pokemon?

Everything depends on the type of Pokemon players battle and use strategic tactics to counter that specific type of pokemon.

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