Peaky Blinders Season 7 Canceled – Movie to Continue the Story


Fans of Peaky Blinders were delighted to learn of an extended break and subsequent return for season six, yet disappointed when it was later confirmed there would not be a seventh series.

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Peaky Blinders

Instead, the story will continue as a movie. Creator Steven Knight stated that film would be more practical due to production time lost due to COVID-19 pandemic.

The series has been canceled by Netflix

Peaky Blinders will not return for its seventh season on BBC or Netflix after an outstanding run, much to fans’ dismay, yet there remains hope that it may return in some form. In a tweet by creator Steven Knight, however, he suggested moving towards film instead of television as this will allow them more freedom in exploring the storyline in depth.

Cillian Murphy starred as Tommy Shelby in season six of this hit drama set post-World War I Birmingham and explored themes of power, ambition and familial ties. The series loosely followed real Shelby clan members.

Return of Peaky BlindersPeaky Blinders was initially set to return for season seven, but production delays and the passing of a key cast member led to a change in plans.
Continuation as a MovieInstead of a seventh season, creator Steven Knight announced that the story will continue as a feature film due to practicality and creative reasons.
Cancellation by NetflixNetflix canceled Peaky Blinders after an impressive run, but there is hope for its return in movie format.
Storyline and CharactersThe series follows the Shelby family’s rise to power in post-World War I Birmingham and explores themes of power, ambition, and family ties.
Movie Set During World War IIThe movie will be set during World War II and will address the aftermath of Oswald Mosley’s assassination and unresolved conflicts.
Adaptations and Critical AcclaimPeaky Blinders has garnered a massive fan following, and the show has been adapted into various forms of media, with Cillian Murphy’s performance receiving accolades.
Steven Knight’s ProjectsSteven Knight is involved in various projects, including other TV series and a Princess Diana movie, which influenced the decision to continue Peaky Blinders as a movie.
Future Movie ReleaseThe movie is expected to hit theaters by 2024 at the latest, with Knight writing and Anthony Byrne directing.

Although season six ended with the destruction of Shelby Home, Polly Gray regained custody of Michael from Tommy and his siblings as well as coming to terms with their mother’s passing. Helen McCrory’s passing as Polly Gray left an indelible mark on all those involved with the show – her death being particularly painful to everyone involved in making and watching this series.

Knight had intended a seventh season, but the COVID-19 pandemic derailed his plans. As season 6 concluded with Tommy finally receiving some measure of redemption, it seemed inevitable that season 7 would pick up where that left off – however Knight still has big plans for this world and its characters; his new movie will take place during World War II with an apparent time jump of one year from 1933-set season 6.

A spin-off movie is in the works

At first it may be upsetting for fans of Peaky Blinders that it won’t return for another season, but creator Steven Knight has revealed that its story will continue in a movie version instead. This movie version will include real-life events from World War II which relate to their titular gang as well as new characters introduced during Season 6 as well.

The show follows the Shelby family, an influential street gang in Birmingham that has grown increasingly powerful over time. Tommy Shelby, its leader, is determined to seek revenge against those who have wronged him – including fascist politician Oswald Mosley and IRA members.

Cillian Murphy has played the leading role for all six seasons of this show and won multiple awards for his performance and unique screen presence. Additionally, this series has been adapted into other forms of media such as books and clothing lines.

Peaky Blinders was initially scheduled for a seventh season but production was postponed due to COVID-19’s pandemic outbreak and subsequent death of Helen McCrory who played Polly Gray, surrogate mother to Shelby Boys.

The story will be set during World War 2

Steven Knight recently announced his intentions of creating a movie to continue the story of Birmingham’s most notorious gang. Set during World War II and showing what happens after Oswald Mosley is assassinated, this project will also examine what lessons may not have been learned from earlier conflicts.

Season six saw the gangsters meet both new challenges and old enemies head on, with several notable characters, such as Michael from the Irish Republican Army – responsible for Aunt Polly’s murder, dying. Additionally, in the final episode Alfie Robinson (Tommy’s rival) was assassinated via hidden sniper bullet.

Fans were initially hoping for a seventh season, but instead the creators have chosen to create a feature film which will bring the story full circle. Partially due to COVID-19 pandemic which delayed production, as well as more flexibility in storytelling process to ensure story completion satisfactorily.

So the new movie should hit theaters by 2024 at the latest. Knight will write and Anthony Byrne will direct, having directed Season Five of TV Series to critical acclaim himself. Caryn Mandabach and Tiger Aspect are producing.

The series has been adapted into other forms of media

After Peaky Blinders ended its sixth season in April 2022, its fans have been eagerly awaiting more. Unfortunately, however, the show won’t return for a seventh season; rather, creator Steven Knight announced in January 2021 that there is going to be a movie version instead.

The Shelby Gang’s incredible journey from poverty to wealth has drawn millions of viewers around the globe. The series depicts one family’s rise to power in Birmingham, England based loosely upon real-life gang with similar names; Cillian Murphy as Tommy Shelby stands out as an outstanding performance.

Season 6 was intended to be the last installment of The Wire; however production was interrupted due to COVID-19 pandemic and several cast members such as Cillian Murphy, Sam Claflin and Helen McCrory died while filming season six. Unfortunately for fans, a seventh season has now been announced which likely won’t air on television but instead may take the form of a movie adaptation of its final chapter.

Steven Knight, creator of Peaky Blinders, prefers movies over seasons due to shorter production timeframes. Furthermore, he currently has numerous projects underway including Apple TV+’s See and Kristen Stewart’s Princess Diana movie as well as writing an SAS series featuring Benedict Cumberbatch and Jake Gyllenhaal as lead actors.


Fans of Peaky Blinders may be disappointed by the cancellation of the seventh season, but they can still look forward to the story continuing in a feature film. Creator Steven Knight’s decision to shift to a movie format opens up new possibilities for this iconic series, and viewers can expect more gripping gangster drama set during World War II.