Pat McAfee compares Drew McIntyre to NFL star after Ricochet match


Pat McAfee makes a comparison of Drew McIntyre to NFL star after Ricochet match

Drew McIntyre has been in top form since the time he came to WWE SmackDown. He has looked in great shape and has dominated all of his opponents. During last night’s SmackDown episode, he was even compared to NFL star Carson Wentz.

Drew McIntyre
Drew McIntyre came with a new sword in SmackDown (WWE)

Pat McAfee took to Twitter and mentioned the throwing of McIntyre. He compared the former WWE Champion to Wentz, who played against the New York Jets last night and did exceptionally well.

“Drew McIntyre’s throwing Ricochet all arahnd Indiana like Carson Wentz was throwing the ball last night ALL OVER the stupid Jets #SmackDown #SmackDAHN

Carson put down a fantastic show last night against the jets. He threw touchdown passes, Jonathan Taylor also rushed for 172 yards as the Indianapolis Colts beat the New York Jets 45-30.

Drew McIntyre gets the better of Ricochet on Friday Night SmackDown

McIntyre has been unstoppable since the time he moved to SmackDown. He has been issuing open challenges and has been dominating each of them. This week also, he challenged, and Ricochet answered. 

Ricochet in action against Drew McIntyre
Ricochet in action against Drew McIntyre (WWE)

Ricochet started in the most dramatic way possible as he smacked the former WWE Champion right in the face even before the bell and ran, avoiding Drew.

But it was just for a matter of time as McIntyre dumped him on the apron and gave a standing Shooting Star Press for a near fall. Ricochet tried to attack the latter from the ropes with a moonsault press.

McIntyre caught him in midair and hit him with a Claymore for the win. He has been absolutely fantastic in recent times and will look to pounce on more opponents.

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