Parker Schnabel’s Girlfriend: Everything you need to know about his Partner And Dating Life In 2023 


Parker Schnabel is not dating anyone.

Parker Schnabel
Parker Schnabel's Girlfriend: Everything you need to know about his Partner And Dating Life In 2023  2

Parker Schnabel was born on July 22, 1994, in Haines, Alaska.

He comes from a family with a rich history of gold mining in Alaska. His grandfather, John Schnabel, was a legendary figure in the industry.

Parker’s early life was deeply rooted in gold mining, and he began working at the family’s Big Nugget Mine at a very young age.

He gained fame as one of the stars of the reality TV show “Gold Rush,” which documented his mining adventures and successes.

Parker Schnabel’s family heritage and his early exposure to the world of gold mining have played a significant role in his career as a successful miner and television personality.

Parker Schnabel is an American gold explorer featured on the hit Discovery Channel show Gold Rush. An experienced miner and hunter, Parker is passionate about his profession and often travels with his family throughout his work journeys.

Reports indicate he is currently single, though previously in a relationship with Ashley Youle – an actress and veterinary nurse from both seasons of the show – who appeared as Ashley Youle on both series.

Ashley Youle

Ashley Youle became widely recognized after appearing on the Discovery Channel reality TV show Gold Rush. The Australian nurse joined Parker Schnabel’s crew in Alaska. Ashley Youle holds a certificate as a veterinary nurse and has an avid passion for animals.

Fans were shocked when it was revealed that Youle and Schnabel had ended their romantic relationship. In a Facebook Live Q&A session, Schnabel took responsibility for its failure, admitting he hadn’t prioritized Youle enough during their brief romance.

According to her Instagram profile, Youle lives in Cowes, Victoria Australia with her parents Stephen and Deb Youle, who own a computer repair business there. Additionally, Jaymie Youle plays Australian rules football. Youle also loves dogs; several photos feature her with Dozer.

Sheena Cowell

Parker Schnabel moved on from Ashley Youle and found solace with Sheena Cowell, a British gold miner employed at Knickerbocker Glory TV who recently shared an intimate photo with Parker on Instagram – though it remains unclear whether or not they are romantically involved.

Though they share many things in common, including an appreciation of gold mining, their relationship hasn’t seemed to progress beyond just being professional on camera. Never once have they kissed on screen and any reports of hooking up have been denied by both individuals involved.

Even after his split with Youle, Parker Schnabel hasn’t given up his love of gold mining. While still working hard in the Klondike, he has also started an Australian project. Tyler Mahoney from Discovery’s Aussie Gold Hunters will assist in searching for nuggets down under.

Tyler Mahoney

Parker Schnabel is an American gold explorer best known for starring on Discovery Channel series Gold Rush and its spin-off Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail. Though no official statement has been issued regarding his dating status, many fans speculate whether or not there may be someone in his life with whom he may be in a romantic relationship.

Parker Schnabel has been hard at work expanding his gold mining business while maintaining a balance in both areas of life: professional and personal. While previously dating Ashley Youle – a veterinarian nurse from Season 7 of the show – they could no longer remain together and decided to part ways.

Tyler Mahoney, an Australian gold miner and prospector featured on Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail spin-off series has also been seen hanging out with him, sharing many interests including gold mining. Unfortunately they remain very reserved in showing affection towards one another; thus it seems unlikely they’ll ever tie the knot.


Parker Schnabel is said to be in the process of finding himself a new flame, though no public announcement has yet been made about her. On August 13, he posted a suggestive photo of Brit Sheena Cowell who is thought to be an associate of Knickerbocker glory TV as well as having relationships with reality TV stars in her past.

Ashley Youle was an Australian certified veterinary nurse who appeared in two seasons of Gold Rush and proved extremely useful to the team, though their relationship did not last for long.

Their relationship ended due to Youle being too preoccupied with his show and business for her to receive enough time or attention from him, leaving Parker feeling neglected. Understandably, she chose to end their relationship and eventually moved on with Tyler Mahoney from Australia – an additional gold miner.

Dating History of Parker SchnabelParker Schnabel’s dating history includes relationships with Ashley Youle and Tyler Mahoney, but his current dating status remains undisclosed. He is known for his dedication to gold mining.
Ashley YouleAshley Youle, an Australian veterinary nurse, was in a romantic relationship with Parker Schnabel during her appearances on Gold Rush. Their relationship ended due to time constraints.
Sheena CowellParker Schnabel’s connection with Sheena Cowell is professional, with no clear evidence of a romantic involvement. Both are associated with gold mining.
Tyler MahoneyTyler Mahoney, an Australian gold miner, has been seen with Parker Schnabel, but their relationship status remains unclear, as they maintain a reserved public image.
Rumors of a New FlameThere are speculations about Parker Schnabel finding a new partner, but no official announcement has been made. An image of Sheena Cowell raised interest, but her connection with Parker remains unclear.

Dating History:

Parker Schnabel’s dating history involves two known relationships. He was previously romantically involved with Ashley Youle, an Australian veterinary nurse who appeared on Gold Rush. Their relationship ended due to time constraints and neglect. Parker has also been associated with Tyler Mahoney, an Australian gold miner, with speculations about their romantic involvement, but no confirmation.


Ashley Youle, an Australian veterinary nurse, was Parker Schnabel’s girlfriend during her appearances on the Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush. Their relationship ended, as Parker admitted he didn’t prioritize her enough, leaving her feeling neglected. Ashley later moved on with Tyler Mahoney, another gold miner.


Parker Schnabel, the American gold explorer and reality TV star, has had notable relationships with Ashley Youle and Tyler Mahoney. While his relationship with Ashley ended due to time constraints, his connection with Tyler remains uncertain. Speculations about a new relationship have emerged, but no official announcement has been made. Parker Schnabel is not dating anyone.