Overwatch 2 Sombra – How to Unlock, Abilities, Tips and Tricks


There is so much about Overwatch 2 Sombra and we have all the details that will tell you how to unlock her and then use her abilities.

With cybernetic implants along her spine and brain, Sombra is considered the most powerful hacker in the world. In Overwatch, Sombra is able to hack technology through touch and can access well-hidden information with a single click of her fingers. Sombra knows everything that’s going on in the Overwatch universe. However, she had a tough start. She was relocated as a young girl in Mexico due to the Omnic Crisis violence.

As a result, she learned hacking skills for the Los Muertos gang which was trying to reclaim the vacuum created by the conflict between the rich. Because of her extensive knowledge of political and financial secrets, she eventually found herself employed by the terrorist organization Talon. Despite the fact that she is affiliated with them, she uses them for her own ends.

She has demonstrated that she generally looks out for herself and that she has no problem betraying Talon, as she demonstrated in the Infiltration short when she neutralized a plot to assassinate the CEO of Volskaya Industries in order to turn her into a personal informant. So how to unlock her, what are her abilities? Learn everything about Overwatch 2 Sombra in this article.

Overwatch 2 Sombra: How to unlock

You’ll need to grind a little bit in Overwatch 2 to unlock Sombra quickly, but it’s not a long process. You need to play 150 unranked matches to unlock every character in the game. Sombra lies at the far end of this spectrum. However, you need to finish 115 matches to unlock her. The good news is that winning counts as two participation points, so if you win 58 games, you can easily obtain her.

Overwatch 2 Sombra Abilities


In Overwatch 2, Sombra’s hack has undergone a massive overhaul. In Overwatch 1, her hack disabled enemies for an extended period of time, preventing them from using their skills. The bad news is that they no longer stop characters from using their abilities for very long, but they will be interrupted for a moment. However, these timings are extremely tight, so it’s much more skill-based now, so it’s great for stopping abilities that are being cast or channeled. 

In contrast to losing the disable, Hack comes with some other excellent features. In addition to taking a greater amount of damage from Sombra, hacked enemies can now be tracked through walls for the duration of a hack. Because of this, Sombra is a very skilled opportunist, capable of hacking a character and dispatching them without delay.


A translocator is an integral part of Sombra’s loadout and is integral to her survival rotation. In general, you should place it near the health pack or somewhere safe. If you see someone trying to escape and low on health, you can throw it to close the distance and kill them. However, you should only do this if you are confident you can kill the victim. Sombra is extremely susceptible without her translocator in place, and if your enemies find out you don’t have one, they’ll make you a top priority.


Invisible abilities are almost as recognizable to Sombra as hacking abilities. This makes her an exceptionally powerful hero on the battlefield since you never know where she is or what she plans. Also, it’s a great way to gather information, since you can see what the composition of the other teams is relatively safe earlier.

Overwatch 2 now lets her hack while in Stealth, which is an extremely powerful combination. The other team will start shooting behind themselves to try and tag you if you are annoying them enough. But keep in mind, you’ll come out of Stealth if you take stray damage. Avoid areas where stray damage might hit you as much as possible.

Sombra gameplay
Sombra gameplay


This passive allows Sombra’s passive to be used on enemies with 50% health and below, which provides a great opportunity to follow them through the map and kill them when they’re secluded and at risk.


The dynamic of Sombra’s EMP in Overwatch 2 is different, and understanding these differences is critical. Now, EMP is more aggressive, allowing her to do more damage and secure more kills, but it limits her team’s potential. Hack functions in a way that disables the abilities of opponents for just a second. This means that, for example, EMP can no longer counter Zenyatta’s Transcendence since he will be able to activate it just a second later, allowing him to heal everyone with it. 

So these were the Overwatch 2 Sombra abilities that you should be aware of.

Overwatch 2 Sombra Tips and Tricks

It is important to note that Sombra’s Hack ability has changed significantly as a result of the rework. Hack can be used to temporarily impair an enemy’s abilities and render them helpless when they are ambushed in Overwatch. With the new changes, Hack’s effectiveness is slightly reduced.

Make sure to maintain a longer distance than usual from enemies because Sombra can now detect them at a distance of 4 meters from an enemy, up from 2 in Overwatch 1.

Sombra is now able to take full advantage of her new Hack by disrupting enemy abilities and tracking them for finishing moves. Hack can be a deadly combination when combined with Stealth to disrupt enemies.

When planning an ambush into enemy territory, you should rely on your team, but translocation is still a widely acceptable skill to get where you need to go quickly. It is a great fall-back strategy to place a beacon next to health packs in safe territory. It is also a great tactic to use with EMP. However, you should always have a backup when using it.

Sombra gameplay
Sombra gameplay

Use hack as an interruption instead of a genuine disable now; this could be quite effective against abilities like Mercy Resurrections, Roadhog Take A Breathers, or Moira’s Coalescence.

So this is everything you need to know about Overwatch 2 Sombra.

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