Why Steven Gerrard would be a good replacement for Emery at Arsenal

Every year, the Premier League brings with it some incredible stories of victory and some inspiring stories of rising above the odds. And it also provides for some juicy moments as far as players and managers are concerned.

With almost everything becoming easily replaceable, it would be folly for anyone to think they are indispensable. And club managers are no different. Until the early 2000s wherein Chelsea started this trend of sacking and appointing managers at the drop of a hat, the norm was to stay loyal to at least one manager.

Clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur have proven that it pays richly to stand by one manager through thick and thin.

However, with the increasing pressure of winning titles and trophies, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stick by managers through troubled times. And the latest under-fire boss is Arsenal’s Unai Emery.

Despite winning trophies with a cash-rich club like Paris Saint-Germain, Emery is finding it difficult to do the same at Arsenal.

While one cannot even begin to compare PSG’s budget to Arsenal’s, the decline in form and lack of results do point to the possibility that the Frenchman might get sacked if things do not improve soon.

And as per Daily Express, Arsenal legend Emmanuel Petit has suggested that the new manager should be similar to Rangers manager – and Liverpool legend – Steven Gerrard.

Steven Gerrard

As far as Rangers are concerned, Gerrard’s appointment has certainly turned things around for them remarkably. There has been the occasional gruntle or two about certain losses or draws but on the whole, the former Liverpool star has truly been a blessing in disguise for the Scottish outfit.

The kind of reputation Celtic have developed in Scotland is presently unbeatable but if there is any club that can perhaps emerge out of their shadows and turn things around, it has to be Rangers.

It would be folly to suggest that this turnaround has been solely due to Gerrard’s brilliance; the players have been quite influential, after all. However, one cannot deny his involvement.

A charismatic yet firm leader, Gerrard has all the makings of working wonders in the Premier League. Having been a part of a strong Liverpool side, he has inspected and worked in close quarters with some of the most powerful managers at Anfield.

Gerrard’s passion for the game is evident for all to see every time he steps onto the pitch – be it as a manager or as a player. And he is exactly what Arsenal need right now to restore their lost glory.

emery guardiola 120818

It would be futile to expect Gerrard to become an Arsene Wenger-esque figure at Arsenal from the get-go but given his work at Rangers so far, the Englishman certainly has all the tools needed to truly make a difference and succeed.

It remains to be seen if Gerrard is willing to work for Liverpool’s top-four rivals but if the opportunity presents itself, the Gunners should look no further.


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