Onlyjayus’s Boyfriend: Everything you need to know about her Partner And Dating Life In 2023


Isabella Avila is in a relationship with Hailey.

Onlyjayus’s Boyfriend: Everything you need to know about her Partner And Dating Life In 2023 2

Isabella Avila was born on April 12, 1999.

There is not much of her early life information available on the internet.

She found her interest in content creation early on in her life and that helped her to step way ahead of her peers.

She is now standing as one of the most famous social media influencers in the crowd.

Initially, she started her content creation journey by creating vlogs and slowly ventured into the TikTok platform.

Isabella Avila, better known by her social media username Onlyjayus, has earned immense renown as an influential social media influencer and Tiktok star. Her videos covering psychology and trivia have amassed 3.5 Million+ subscribers on YouTube alone.

She maintains an active Instagram account with many followers who adore her comical posts and warm smile.

Isabella Avila is a well-known social media influencer known for creating vlogs, TikTok videos and YouTube content. As well as producing these pieces herself, she’s a trained instrumentalist herself – she can play guitar, double bass and piano among many others! Known for creating entertaining yet humorous videos featuring trends, humor and pop culture trends;

She was born in Las Vegas and currently resides in California with 11 siblings. She adheres to Christian faith, is an American citizen, and bears Aries zodiac sign.

Onlyjayus boasts over 1.1 million followers on Instagram and earns considerable revenues by posting sponsored posts, as well as earning via her YouTube channel by creating viral videos which not only attract a large following but also offer useful information and entertainment about particular topics. She publishes science content as well.

She is a TikTok Star

Isabella Avila, known by her online handle Onlyjayus on TikTok, is an influencer and digital creator. She gained fame on TikTok by posting humorous videos related to psychology and science; garnering over one million subscribers on YouTube as a result. Isabella Avila is famous for her creative skits.

She grew up in a Christian household and attended computer engineering college before making the leap into TikTok videos. Most of her content focuses on humor or informational value while some political statements may also make appearances.

She was born in 1999 and now turns 23 years old. As an American living in California, she has amassed many fans both domestically and abroad who regularly watch her YouTube and TikTok channels where she posts engaging thoughts, facts, POV, acting skills and fun loving filter videos that entertain audiences around the globe. With more than 3.5 million YouTube subscribers and millions of TikTok followers worldwide she is truly one of the internet’s rising stars and has amassed a vast fan base worldwide.

She has a YouTube Channel

Isabella Avila, known by her online handle of Onlyjayus on TikTok and YouTube, has amassed an audience of over 785K subscribers on her main channel. Known for providing humorous yet informative science content through videos on her main channel, Onlyjayus also runs a Patreon account and appears regularly on Netflix’s Know It All podcast.

Her YouTube channel includes comedy, music and informational videos. She’s particularly fond of sharing her knowledge on science.

Jayus hails from California and created her TikTok page in October 2018 while working at Best Buy as well as studying computer engineering.

She has come out as being open about her sexuality and has an openly lesbian girlfriend whom she has posted photos and videos with on social media, as well as created videos relating to their relationship as they obtain visas to study in America. Her followers on YouTube have provided much-needed support; and numerous messages of solidarity from fans.

She is a Lesbian

Isabella Avila, popularly known by her online handle OnlyJayus, is a 23-year-old Lesbian YouTuber and TikTok Star from Las Vegas. Her channel boasts over 500 videos with millions of views and likes; and she boasts an adorable and funny persona to boot.

She recently introduced Hailey on social media on Valentine’s Day 2020 by captioning a picture with them as: “Happy Valentine’s Day @h lightning.

She boasts over 38,000 followers between Instagram, Twitter and Patreon accounts for fans to donate and access exclusive science content. Additionally, she appears on Netflix podcast Know It All to answer audience queries and make entertaining videos for them all to watch. She is known as being hard working.

Full NameIsabella Avila (Onlyjayus)
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer, TikTok Star, YouTuber
YouTube SubscribersOver 3.5 Million
Instagram FollowersOver 1.1 Million

Dating History

Isabella Avila is in a relationship with Hailey. She introduced Hailey on social media on Valentine’s Day 2020 and often shares photos and videos related to their relationship.


Isabella Avila, popularly known as Onlyjayus, is a 23-year-old social media influencer with a massive following on platforms like TikTok and YouTube. She is known for her humorous and informative content, and she is openly lesbian and in a relationship with Hailey. Isabella Avila is in a relationship with Hailey.