Find out the best characters in the game in our One Piece Bounty Rush Tier List. Use the top-tier characters in the game!

One Piece Bounty Rush is a 2018 mobile game based on the One-piece anime series. It’s a pirate looting battle game with all of the One-Piece series’ original characters. You must form a four-person squad and then proceed to plunder the riches. Because each team member will have a role in the game, you must assemble the strongest pirate crew possible. You’ll be the captain of this pirate crew.

You will engage in combat with other pirates in order to acquire the riches. One of the well-known One Piece battle arenas will host this fight. In order to claim title of the loot, you must beat all of the enemy’s characters and place your flag on top of it. The level and skills of your characters will then increase. You can unlock the locked characters as you progress through the game. Here is our One Piece Bounty Rush Tier List

One Piece Bounty Rush Tier List

S Tier Characters

All of the characters in S Tier that we’ve highlighted are fantastic. There are no better characters in Bounty Rush than S Tier characters if you want to claim the title of every battle.

30 Million Berry Bounty: Monkey D. LuffyAttackerRed
Arlong Pirates / Captain: ArlongAttackerBlue
Navy HQ / Captain: SmokerDefenderGreen
Red-Haired Pirates / Sharp Shooter: YassopRunnerGreen
The Seven Warlords of the Sea: Dracule MihawkAttackerRed
Drum Kingdom / Former Ruler: WapolDefenderGreen
Girl from Syrup Village: KayaDefenderBlue

A Tier Characters

Characters in the A Tier are not as well-known as those in the S Tier, but they have the potential to create a strong team. If necessary, these characters can also be utilized as a replacement for the preceding tier.

5ft Hammer: UsoppAttackerBlue
Climate Baton: NamiAttackerGreen
Krieg’s Pirate Armada / Admiral: Don KriegDefenderGreen
Arlong Pirates / Officer: KuroobiDefenderBlue
Slip-Slip Fruit: AlvidaRunnerGreen
Arlong Pirates / Officer: HatchanAttackerRed
Black Cat Pirates / Former Captain: Captain KuroAttackerGreen
Buggy Pirates / Captain: BuggyRunnerRed
Baratie / Head Chef: ZeffDefenderRed
Baroque Works / Frontier Agents Ms. WednesdayRunnerBlue
Krieg’s Pirate Armada / Battle Commander: GinAttackerRed
Navy HQ / Master Chief Petty Officer: TashigiRunnerBlue
Arlong Pirates / Officer: ChooAttackerGreen
Veau Vengeance: SanjiDefenderBlue
One Piece Bounty Rush Gameplay
One Piece Bounty Rush Gameplay

B Tier Characters

All of the characters in this tier are considered to be the worst One Piece characters. The only reason we have mentioned their names here is to let you know about the characters you’ll have to avoid while putting together a squad.

Alvida Pirates / Captain: AlvidaDefenderGreen
Black Cat Pirates / Captain: DjangoDefenderRed
Black Cat Pirates / Guard: ButchieDefenderBlue
Straw Hat Pirates / Musician: BrookRunnerGreen
Straw Hat Pirates / Navigator: NamiRunnerGreen
Straw Hat Pirates / Sharp Shooter: UsoppRunnerBlue
Straw Hat Pirates / Captain: Monkey D. LuffyAttackerRed
Straw Hat Pirates / Combatant: Roronoa ZoloDefenderGreen
Straw Hat Pirates / Archaeologist: Nico RobinAttackerGreen
Mountain Bandits / Leader: Higuma the BearAttackerRed
Navy Captain: MorganDefenderBlue
Straw Hat Pirates / Cook: SanjiAttackerBlue
Straw Hat Pirates / Doctor: Tony Tony ChopperRunnerRed
Bounty Hunter: JohnnyRunnerBlue
Bounty Hunter: YosakuRunnerRed
Buggy Pirates / Chief of Staff: CabajiRunnerGreen
Chore Boy: KobyDefenderRed
The Idiot Son: HelmeppoRunnerGreen

Players can select the best characters in the game using our One Piece Bounty Rush Tier List. While all the characters in the game are viable, some characters have a distinct advantage over others. Players should note that this tier list is based on personal opinion and can use any characters that they like. One Piece Bounty Rush is available on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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