Michael Bisping spoke to Ariel Helwani and wasn’t the only one unimpressed with how Donald Cerrone dealt with Conor McGregor and his shoulder strikes

Former UFC Middleweight Champion and legend Michael Bisping also weighed in on the debate over Conor McGregor and the use of his shoulders to defeat Donald Cerrone.

The Irishman used several shoulder strikes before knocking Cerrone down to the ground with a kick.

Michael Bisping Conor Mcgregor
Michael Bisping is a former UFC champion (Image credit: Getty)

McGregor won his UFC return fight in 40 seconds, but Kevin Lee, another UFC star wasn’t impressed with the win.

Bisping was speaking ahead of a book launch, and Helwani posed a question regarding the use of the shoulders:

“You can shoulder barge me in the face all day long and I will not feel a d*** thing.”

The 40-year-old further suggested that the shoulder strikes aren’t all that great and people are amping it because it was McGregor returning.

“Shoulder barges are an annoyance. They are not a lethal blow. I don’t want to hear any c*** about ‘he was training through’ or ‘the torque he gets in his shoulder strikes are known to man’. No, that is not the case.”

The former UFC star also went on to compare the shoulder strikes to other annoying moves:

“When somebody does that, it is like, ‘come on can you stop ******* shouldering me in the face cause it doesn’t hurt?’ Somebody stamps on your toe or hammer-fists to the thigh.”

Bisping went on to say that it was creative and McGregor did well at that time.

McGregor gets the job done

The Irishman came out on top at UFC 246 and it will be interesting to see who he goes up against next.

McGregor should be thinking of a rematch against Khabib Nurmagomedov, however, the Russian is in action at UFC 249 facing Tony Ferguson.

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McGregor was open to facing anyone when speaking after the fight, and he didn’t mind getting in the Octagon again in March for UFC 248.

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