The weapons you choose and how you use them are very important in Nioh 2. Here’s our tier list that ranks all of Nioh 2’s weapons.

Nioh 2 is an action role-playing game, similar to its predecessor. Players can build their own yokai spirit character to play as. Players are given a variety of weapons, such as odachi and kusarigama, and as they go through the game, they gain new skills and unique abilities. One of the most critical decisions you make at the start of the game is which weapon to choose. Nioh 2 sends the player down one of two paths, then presents them with a feast from which they must select one plate. You can also check out Stellaris Origins Tier List and Outriders Class Tier List

As players gain experience with the weapons, they will see that the ease with which they can use them and the difficulty with which they can master them will differ. Some weapons will appear to be simple at first, ripping through enemies until the game continues to the next level. Fortunately, veterans have previously played the game and identified the easiest and most difficult weapons to learn, making the game accessible to even the most inexperienced players.

Nioh 2 Weapons Tier List

Weapons in Nioh 2 Weapons Tier List are divided into three categories. Tier 1 weapons are the strongest in the game with the most use. Tier 2 weapons are really great but players should expect a close battle. And finally, Tier 3 weapons are a little hard to handle with low damage. Only experienced players should use them.

Tier 1


Hatchets are one of the most difficult weapons to master in Nioh 2, but when used correctly, they are also one of the most lethal. Its damage is modest, but its strike speed is fast. Fast, consecutive attacks can swiftly deplete an opponent’s Ki energy. Hatchets have a unique selling point in that they can be thrown, allowing players to deal good damage from afar if thrown correctly.


Tonfas, like Dual Swords, have excellent attack speed and Block stats. But on the other hand, Tonfas has a larger damage output than the Dual Swords, and you may do even more damage with its talents. The Tonfas’ limited range is a disadvantage, but it won’t be an issue if you don’t use it to combat several enemies.


If you want to hit for a lot of damage without swinging too many times, an axe is the weapon for you. It’s getting that attack to land that causes problems, as it takes a long time to perform and consumes a lot of ki. This forces players to prepare their attacks ahead of time, while also keeping an eye on the susceptible window. This makes using the axes a lot more planning-intensive experience than most people expect, leading to some people throwing down their weapons in favor of a more defensive approach.

nioh 2 kusarigama weapons
Kusarigama in Nioh 2

Tier 2


Kusarigama is the game’s best-ranged weapon. With so tremendous damage from such a long distance, it becomes a must-try for all Nioh 2 players. When taking targets from a distance, players should be aware that a blindspot may form near to them, which the enemies can use to approach them.


The Odachi is a ranged and break-damaging weapon that looks and feels like an axe but is considerably easier to use. Because the Odachi grows with Strength, it allows players to increase their survivability while also increasing their damage, making it an excellent weapon for beginners.


It’s the go-to weapon for any newbie, and for good reason: the sword has solid all-around characteristics that can be used in a variety of play styles. This is beneficial for both beginners and those who wish to master the weapon, as it allows for a variety of battle alternatives. Even defensively, this can be advantageous, since it plays into the sword’s dodge heavy style and distance awareness. Dealing swift and strong attacks should come effortlessly once players figure out how to get in on the enemy quickly.

nioh 2 weapons dual swords
Dual Swords in Nioh 2

Tier 3

Dual Swords

According to the stats, dual swords seem to be the polar opposite of Axe. While the damage is low, the attack speed of Dual swords is fast, allowing you to go all out on the enemy. You won’t need to carry around bulky armor because dual swords can deflect high-damage blows. It’s also one of two weapons in Nioh 2 with a counter-skill.


The spear is an excellent weapon for a newcomer to the game because it allows them to maintain their distance while dealing consistent damage. It’s not difficult to get used to, and the mechanics are simple enough that no one should have trouble with the old point and stab. It becomes better as the player improves, zoning out enemies and dealing massive damage without putting themselves in danger the majority of the time.


Switchglaive appears to be a cross between a spear, a sword, and a scythe. While it may appear to be the reverse, the weapon’s versatility makes it easier to learn. When employed in a mid-stance, the weapon fires off attacks quickly, reducing the enemy’s Ki energy. Switchglaive becomes a ruthless killer in high posture, dealing massive damage and wiping out anything in its path. Switchglaive also scales with magic, which is one of Nioh 2’s most essential and helpful features.

This was our Nioh 2 Weapons Tier List. You can select the top tier weapons to absolutely destroy your enemies in the game. Players should note that this tier list is based on personal opinion. You should consider the available based on your playstyle and personal preference. 

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