Dan Snyder seems to be the latest villain in the NFL world, who everybody wants out at the moment. The Washington Commanders owner has been under intense investigation by the league for overseeing, and even being involved in sexual harassment and financial misconduct within his organizations.

Dan Snyder
Dan Snyder

I’ll bring everyone on the same page, Snyder is being investigated by Mary Jo White. Now in one of the many elements of the spoken off investigation, White is digging up evidences on Dan Snyder, sexually harassing a former Washington employee. The other area of investigation is on the financial front with allegation suggesting that he hid the revenue that should have been shared with the NFL.

That’s not all though, Washington Commanders’ organization as a whole has been slammed with plenty of sexual harassment allegations over the years. Moreover, there are even allegation upon withholding security deposits from season-ticket holders to fostering a toxic workplace environment.

Since when does Dan Snyder own the Washington Commanders?

On the same note, as the latest reports suggest that Dan Snyder is looking to sell the organization and make his way out, let us look upon his history with this esteemed franchise. He purchased this spoken off franchise – Washington Commanders in 1999 for an amount close to (higher or lower) $800 Million.

Dan Snyder 3
Dan Snyder

After which, Dan Snyder had made his millions through his advertising company, Snyder Communications Inc., and beat out the son of former owner Jack Cooke to acquire the team when it was sold after the latter’s death.

Previously Snyder had rejected ideas of selling the team and give his post away at any cost. But with the investigation leading up to its final stages, every is looking for an official word.

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