Whether you are Dan Snyder or Robert Sarver, the pressure does get onto you at some point. Just like the Phoenix Suns owner, NFL team owner (Washington Commanders) has also decided to look at all the options along with his team. Commanders, which were earlier known as Redskins could witness a small minority stake sale or the entire ownership being handed over to a different party.

Dan Snyder 2
Dan Snyder

Dan Snyder has been under immense scrutiny in the past few months, since Mary Jo White has taken over the investigation regarding the sexual and financial charges being imposed upon the 57-year-old. But to bring everyone on the same page, Dan Snyder got 100% control of his team in 2021, along with his family after buying out the minority owners.

With him being the sole owner, it seems like the entire NFL community’s prayers are finally being answered as he has finally given a thought about selling off the team. Having dramatically increased the organization’s revenue by almost 40% via sponsorship, the Commanders got their richest-ever sponsorship deal in 2021.

Dan Snyder decides upon selling the team

“The Snyders remain committed to the team, all of its employees and its countless fans to putting the best product on the field and continuing the work to set the gold standard for workplaces in the NFL,” the statement stated, which was discussed in an ‘owners’ only meeting as mentioned by Sports Illustrated.

Dan Snyder
Dan Snyder

That being said, the Snyders, especially Dan have faced a fair amount of controversy in recent years, with internal and external investigations looking into the team’s workplace environment after multiple accusations of sexual and verbal assault surfaced.

While the media and the football fans are already rooting for Dan Snyder to leave the pool, everyone is probably awaiting an official word on the investigation as we approach its conclusion at any given day.

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