“There are 10-12 WRs I’d take over CeeDee Lamb!” – Shannon Sharpe still has doubts over the Dallas Cowboys WR1 following a great outing against the NY Giants


Cowboys’ Wide receiver CeeDee Lamb is surely no in the best form. Even with the team winning without Dak Prescott, Lamb was torn apart for his abysmal mistakes and sloppy plays. Who stood numero uno in the line to condemn CeeDee Lamb? Former NFL star turned analyst – Shannon Sharpe. 

Ceedee Lamb
CeeDee Lamb

While Lamb had his moments of redemption in the Week 3 matchup against Giants. But there was one play which left Sharpe utterly frustrated – with 4:37 remaining in the 2nd quarter, Cooper Rush threw a long pass downfield, which should’ve been a 40-yard-pass or so. However, it ended up being an incomplete pass as the ball bumped out of the hands of CeeDee Lamb. 

Shannon Sharpe quoted on the latest episode of Undisputed, “I don’t see special when I see CeeDee Lamb. I don’t see outstanding speed; don’t see great hands. I see an NFL receiver. Any NFL receiver could’ve made that catch that CeeDee Lamb made. CeeDee Lamb isn’t special – that’s what I’ve been saying. I don’t say he’s not good, but I don’t see Top 5 or Top 10 receiver.” 

Shannon Sharpe sounds off after CeeDee Lamb disappoints him yet again 

CeeDee Lamb did manage to redeem himself afterwards when Cooper Rush threw a pass towards the far end. Seeming to be an off throw, Lamb ran ferociously to catch the ball with his left hand and to score a TouchDown. 

Sharpe continued, “He’s catching 50% of the passes thrown to him. If he played anywhere else, he wouldn’t be receiving this hype. There are 10-12 WRs I’d take over CeeDee Lamb!” 

Keeping in the mind the schedule for the Dallas Cowboys, Lamb needs to pull up his socks as he has plenty of room to improve. Given that the team is in an impressive momentum, he needs to support his team from the front, especially with Cooper Rush hoping to find more confidence in each passing game. 

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