Deshaun Watson was only suspended for 6 games, and this has brought outrage among NFL fans who think the suspension should be big.

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"The NFL is a joke man": NFL world reacts to Deshaun Watson getting suspended for only 6 games 2

The new quarterback of the Cleveland Browns, Deshaun Watson is suspended for the first six games of the new NFL season. Many people expected that Deshaun will receive a much bigger suspension. After hearing the official statement, the NFL fans were quite angry.

According to Adam Schefter: Former federal judge Sue L. Robinson has found that Deshaun Watson violated the personal conduct policy and has suspended him six games, per source.

This suspension will not hinder the majority of the season for the Cleveland Browns. Moreover, due to the new contract that was set up for Deshaun Watson, the former Texans quarterback won’t lose much of his money.

Due to all these factors, many fans and journalists are unhappy with the ruling. Other players have been suspended for a lot more games despite doing very less as compared to the allegations that were put against Deshaun Watson.

The NFL is likely to extend the suspension, but as of now, the official suspension is just 6 games. Watson wasn’t proven guilty, which is why he has an advantage in it and why the suspension is less than expected. Here are some of the best reactions of the fans after hearing the news of Deshaun Watson’s suspension.

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