“Spent every bit of our cap” Jerry Jones’ son exposes Cowboys’ desperation after revealing ‘insider-salary’ information


From the past offseason, the Dallas Cowboys fan base has been distant from their team over their antics. Having already started the 2022-23 season with a loss against Tom Brady’s Bucs, the team went on to lose marquee QB – Dak Prescott as well. To make their time even more misery-full – Jerry Jones’ son, Stephen has revealed the organization’s true intentions. 

Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones

First to bring everyone on the same page, Stephen is the son of Jerry Jones and also the Vice President of the Dallas Cowboys. Although the Cowboys have a very dynamic fan base, yet their offseason moves and actions caused massive outrage, especially with the likes of Amari Cooper and La’el Collins been told to part ways. 

Jerry Jones’ son was in conversation with GBag Nation – wherein he revealed, “We spend every bit of our cap at the end of the day. You get to move your cap forward. We move it all.”   

Has Jerry Jones taken the wrong approach to lead Dallas Cowboys in 2022-23 season? 

That being said, Stephen Jones is assuring fans that Dallas Cowboys and their management will spend every bit of their cap space. Even though they have a couple of millions left in the cap, which needs to be used wisely if the team are contest for the divisional title. Safe to assume that Jerry Jones, Cowboys will spend it all when the right opportunity presents itself. 

Cooper Rush
Cooper Rush

Starting Cooper Rush as the starting QB was always going to be an uphill battle for the Cowboys. With Dak Prescott side-lined for at least 3 games to come, the Cowboys need to find a way to stand firm against the star-studded/physical sides. 

With the ultimate chance of being the underdogs this time around, will Cowboys be able to replicate their unprecedented success from the past, in the modern-day game? Surely, it is a possibility with someone like Jerry Jones leading the realm.

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