“Some people still don’t know I feel like”- DeAndre Hopkins gets emotional while sharing his mothers’ story about domestic violence


DeAndre Hopkins is one of the brightest youngsters in modern-day NFL. Having come from a humble background, this Arizona Cardinals’ WR has thrown the kitchen sink on the football field in an attempt to make his name. Known to be a man who has always been close to his mother, on a recent occasion, fans saw the mighty and fierce receiver get emotional.

DeAndre Hopkins
DeAndre Hopkins

Football brings plenty of people from different background on the same field, bring them closer. But for players, being away from their family – it perhaps makes or breaks it. For DeAndre Hopkins, who was always close to his mom, his love and admiration for his mother has gone beyond clouds.

The reason why DeAndre is so close to his mom might just make you emotional. In the fifth episode of Hard Knocks in Season, Hopkins and his mother, Sabrina Greenlee opened up more about her experience surviving domestic violence.

What misery did DeAndre Hopkins and his mother go through?

“I think we had to be vulnerable in that moment to help somebody else.” Hopkins emphasized on why his mom wanted her story to be out ever since he made it big in the NFL. “Some people still don’t know I feel like.

DeAndre Hopkins
DeAndre Hopkins

In July 2002, Greenlee, then at the age of 30 and a mother of four children, was blinded during an attack by a young woman. A young teen Hopkins’ reaction: “Shoot, I gotta be a man now.” That led to Hopkins stepping up and delivering on his football goals.

Being selected as the 27th overall pick in the 2013 Draft class by Houston Texans, Hopkins has never looked back. He has taken every opportunity to make his family proud on the grandest footballing stage. Being a 3xAll Pro WR, Hopkins made it a tradition finding his mother in the stands and handing her the football following a touchdown.

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