With Odell Beckham Jr being months away from making a return to the football field, there are multiple teams being inclined towards acquiring his services. One of which is Jerry Jones’ Dallas Cowboys, who have made a steady start in the 2022-23 season but as per Hall of Famer turned analyst – Shannon Sharpe, they are not a championship caliber team yet.

Odell Beckham Jr
Odell Beckham Jr

Having suffered an ACL injury in the Super Bowl showdown last time around, the former Rams WR has been side-lined ever since. Even when he makes it return, it was obvious that Odell Beckham Jr would be requiring some time to get into his full shape and 100% fitness. For which many speculate, that it is likely he would choose a Super Bowl caliber team only.


On the latest episode of Undisputed, Sharpe revealed his views upon Odell Beckham Jr joining Jerry Jones’ team, “Reports say Odell probably won’t be ready into early December. My timeline: mid-November; late, late November. And now they’re talking about early December. Odell wants a job. Odell wants to make some money, and he wants to go to a team that’s contending.”

Why does Shannon Sharpe feel: Cowboys is not a ‘perfect’ destination for Odell Beckham Jr?

There is no doubt that Odell Beckham Jr will be the second wideout to CeeDee Lamb if he decided to join the Dallas cowboys. But with Dak Prescott, who knows what this team can produce in the knockout stage. Plus, Odell would also give this team more clutch ability in the closing stages of the game.

Ceedee Lamb 2
CeeDee Lamb

Sharpe concluded, “I believe the Dallas Cowboys have the type of team that could contend. As long as the defense plays like they play, the offense can give them a little something bigger. They’re going to be right there in the mix. But I just, I just don’t see it. I know Jerry Jones used to make splashes.”

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