Packers coach reveals true response on whether he wants to work with Aaron Rodgers next season


Aaron Rodgers, the reigning MVP Champ hasn’t been at his best in the 2022-23 season, from failing to accountability to finding his guys open in clutch situation, the veteran simply was nowhere near his standard set in the past.

Aaron Rodgers 6
Aaron Rodgers

As a result of which the Green Bay Packers are not even in the playoff picture after the end of Week 13. Having dropped 5 straight games mid-season, there were multiple reports and speculations about Rodgers and Packers wanting to continue this relation, which was just going further downhill after every week.

Now, when Green Bay Packers Coach Matt LaFleur was asked if he wants to work with the four-time MVP in the 2023-24 season? He had a simply – four-word response to answer it with.

What next for Aaron Rodgers?

Safe to say, if you ask head coach Matt LaFleur, however, he currently has no doubt in his mind as to whether or not he wants Rodgers back next season, “Yeah, absolutely. Of course,” LaFleur said, via Packers beat reporter Matt Schneidman of The Athletic.

To those unaware about the #1 QB of the Green Arm – Aaron Rodgers is set to pocket $59.5 million with the team next season. While his form hasn’t been great, yet it is hard to imagine the four-time All-Pro QB walking away from such a substantial payday, and you also can’t see the Packers cutting him from the squad.

That being said, will we witness Rodgers rising back after one of his most depleted seasons ever? Remains to be seen.

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