Davante Adams was recently traded to the Las Vegas Raiders from the Green Bay Packers which was not easy for Matt LaFleur who is the head coach of the Green Bay Packer as it had sent shockwaves around the league

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Matt LaFleur and Davante

This move was unexpected for everyone as nobody thought that Davante Adams will leave the Packers after Aaron Rodgers had signed a new contract for the Packers to stay here for the rest of his career.

Adams was an internal part of the team with him and Aaron Rodgers being the two most trustable tools of Matt LaFleur who will find it hard to carry this Packers team towards success in the upcoming season.

Matt LaFleur spoke up on the Davante Adams trade and said, “Sometimes you got to make some tough decisions, Certainly appreciate everything Davante brought to our team. I mean, he is the best receiver in the National Football League, so that was a tough one for me personally and for our organization.”

LaFleur was asked about whether they tried to convince Davante to not leave the Packers and he said, “Well, there really wasn’t anything to talk about. I mean, you’re going through contract negotiation and certainly, it was just one of those deals where, like I said, a lot of tough decisions had to be made.”

“Well, I think ‘Tae and I have a great relationship,”- Matt LaFleur on his relationship with Davante Adams

LeFleur further talked about his relationship with the former Packers Wide-Receiver and said, “Well, I think ‘Tae and I have a great relationship, I think there’s a great mutual respect. Certainly, he’s a guy that’s going to be tough to replace and so you never want to let great players like that walk away from your team.”

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"Sometimes you got to make some tough decisions"- Matt LaFleur on the Davante Adams trade 4

He added, “But like I said, it’s just one of those deals where some tough decisions have to be made. Unfortunately, in the National Football League, there’s a thing called the salary cap and you gotta get below that as well. So everything factored into those decisions.”

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"Sometimes you got to make some tough decisions"- Matt LaFleur on the Davante Adams trade 5

Matt LaFleur further spoke about how Aaron Rodgers handled this trade and said, “I think just like every great quarterback or quarterback in general, you want as many pieces as you can around you, Certainly there’s going to be an opportunity, we’re still in free agency and then we’ve got the Draft. In my experience, there’s a lot of movement that can take place between now and the start of the season.”

LaFleur ended by saying that the team will try to add some new pieces around Aaron Rodgers whether through the draft or via trades or free agency so that the team can challenge for success again.

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