Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid’s son Britt sentenced to 3 years in prison


Andy Reid might be witnessing his Kansas City Chiefs’ players making a name for themselves in the 2022-23 season, but it seems like personal life might just give him some serious trouble once again. Nearly two years after slamming into two vehicles that were parked on the side of an interstate ramp, Reid’s son caused major injuries to multiple victims.

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Andy Reid

As brutal as the incident is sounding, Andy Reid’s son has finally been handed a sentence which is worthy of his crime. Britt Reid will spend the next three years of his life in prison as part of a DWI plea deal. The same was revealed after a lengthy trial on Tuesday. Initially the prosecution had demanded Andy Reid to be behind the bars for at least four years. One of the victim’s mothers, named – Felicia Miller desperately pleaded in court for a lengthier statement for the former Kansas City Chiefs’ coach. But the presiding judge decided upon the three-year term.

“It’s been nearly 21 months since Britt Reid hurt us,” Miller said, as quoted by Clutchpoints. “He apologized last month for first the time … To be clear, your apology is not accepted. He apologized to us at the same time he apologized to ‘Chiefs Kingdom.’ This is not a game. This is not a Chiefs’ game. This is our life.”

Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid’s son to be behind bars for 3 years

To bring everyone on the same page Felicia Miller is the mother of six-year-old Ariel who spent two weeks in a coma following the car crash. With the mental pain and trauma, she had to go through being unbearable, the same personnel accused Britt Reid of being “privileged, out of touch and unsympathetic.” The enraged mother also reiterated the fact that Britt is a repeat offender, with several convictions of DUI, road rage, and drug charges.

“He had every opportunity in life,” Miller concluded. “Instead of doing something with the opportunities that have been handed to him, Britt Reid hurt us. Ariel’s life is forever changed because of Britt Reid. Her life will be dealing with the damage that Britt Reid did. She will never play sports. Sports, [which] his family has made a living off of. She’ll never do that. He took that from her. She will deal with the effects of his actions every day for the rest of her life.”

Thankfully Ariel is out of coma after almost half a month. Hopefully she and Felicia are able to bounce back from this setback as early as they can.

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