Raiders coach Jon Gruden used racist language referring to NFLPA’s DeMaurice Smith in email


Jon Gruden caught racially referring to DeMaurice Smith in old email

It has just been reported the Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden made a racist comment on NFLPA’s DeMaurice Smith 10 years ago in an email.

The mail was sent to the president of Washington Football Team when the players and NFL were tring to resolve a lockout. The comment made by Gruden was that “lips the size of michellin tires”.

Gruden responded to his comments on ESPN, he apologized for it and also added:

“I routinely used the term rubber lips to refer a guy I catch lying. He can’t spit it out.”

“I’m ashamed I insulted De Smith. I never had a racial thought when I used it. I’m embarrassed by what’s out there. I certainly never meant for it to sound that bad.”

Gruden has also spoken with the owner of Raiders, Mark Davis and seems to be unsure of whether any disciplinary actions will be taken against him or not.

Will Jon Gruden face any charges?

It has not been revealed as of yet whether Gruden will face any charges or not. However, there is a huge possibility of that happening. Brian McCarthy the spokesperson of NFL said:

“The email from Jon Gruden denigrating DeMaurice Smith is appalling, abhorrent and wholly contrary to the NFL’s values. We condemn the statement and regret any harm that its publication may inflict on Mr. Smith or anyone else.”

DeMaurice Smith
DeMaurice Smith (LA Times)

The league is certainly looking into the case and multiple reports suggests that disciplinary actions are possible against Gruden. The reports have just been released yesterday and further updates are yet to be known.

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