“It’s cringe-worthy”- Skip Bayless condemns Russell Wilson working out on the plane to London


Russell Wilson’s tenure with the Denver Broncos has not started on the page many would have expected it to be. From losing trust in the eyes of his teammates, to not being able to make significant plays, to averaging the worst in his career, Wilson seems to just not be in the right shape.

Russell Wilson - Denver Broncos
Russell Wilson – Denver Broncos

Recently Russell Wilson decided to shar e a clip of him working out on an airplane, which wasn’t taken well by sports media personality – Skip Bayless. So, when the latter got a chance of voicing his opinion on the veteran Quarterback and his latest antics, Bayless got brutally honest, to say the least.

On the latest episode of Undisputed, Bayles quoted, “I couldn’t believe the story that he actually bragged about how he can defeat jet lag by exercising. I guess it’s exercise. It’s more like stretches and high knees and whatnot. He’s looking right down his nose at all his teammates saying, I know how to beat jet lag and you guys don’t get it. I know I stay active for four hours. Then I watch cut-ups, then I sleep for one hour.”

Skip Bayless rips Russell Wilson for working out on a plane

To those who are unaware Russell Wilson missed Week 7 game against the Jets with a hamstring injury. As a result of which, the veteran QB was doing his ‘treatment’ during the 8-hour flight to London.

Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson

Bayless added, Russell Wilson said, “‘I feel great’. He used the phrases. He said: ‘I’m super locked in’. You’re super locked in. That’s just cringeworthy to me. This is an NFL quarterback. Let’s ride, Broncos Country. I said that’s right and they lose another game and he drops another hat line. He introduced some big hat line. I’m like, you have lost it, man. You have gone completely over the edge and elaborated on being a football player.”

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