Urban Meyer’s NFL stint wasn’t something anyone would remember. After not being able to guide his team to more than 2 wins in his very first season, Jackson Jaguars’ decided to part ways with him after being humiliated with 11 losses.

Urban Meyer
Urban Meyer

Safe to Urban Meyer, who was criticized for various reasons off the field, had no idea on how to place his players in order to get the best out of them. One player which seemed have suffered the most, playing under Meyer was Trevor Lawrence. The top overall pick of the 2021 NFL Draft failed to live up to his potential, where many even questioned his attacking prowess. However, it is clear now whose fault it was.

Running a strategy based on bluff and fear might run with teams in college football, but against the big guns – it failed miserably. Moreover, the worst wasn’t on the field, but in the post-game interviews. Safe to say, Urban Meyer wasn’t very good at coaching at the NFL level, one thing he did excel at was placing the blame on others. 

Urban Meyer’s misery with Jackson Jaguars

What was even worse? Urban Meyer frequently made fun and belittled his players regularly to point they cried and lost confidence in practices. In simpler words – Urban Meyer’s stint with the Jaguars could be deemed as the worst tenures in NFL history, full of embarrassment, humiliation and scandal.

“I feel like he put us in very bad positions and, when the questions came, he deferred the responsibility, which made it look like we were just out there being the worst team in the league,” D.J. Chark told The Athletic, by giving everyone an idea on how they felt about Urban Meyer. “But we weren’t put in position (to succeed).

Urban Meyer 2
Urban Meyer

After being ‘thrown’ out of the league, there hasn’t been any word upon Meyer re-entering the league. Perhaps it does seem to be a vague idea.

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