“I find this to be one of the most egregious calls I’ve ever seen”- Stephen A Smith gives his views on the Falcons getting a penalty for trying to sack Tom Brady


When Atlanta Falcons were called for a ridiculous roughing of the passer penalty, it took the NFL world by shock. When defensive lineman Grady Jarrett threw Tom Brady to the ground for a clear sack only to be given a costly penalty, it seemed to have determined the winner of this crucial divisional encounter in Week 5. 

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While many have been calling out the referee and the league for such a call, Stephen A. Smith criticized and condemn Tom Brady as well. Given the importance of this encounter, Smith cannot help but think what unfortunate Grady Jarrett, Falcons have been. 

Stephen A Smith quoted on First Take, “I’m appalled from what I saw for several reasons. Number one – what else is a defender supposed to do? He didn’t lead with his helmet. He didn’t hit him too low…snap his leg in half or something like that. Grabbed him by his waist, swing him around flung him to the ground. His head did not hit the turf, there was no head contact whatsoever. I find this to be one of the most egregious calls I’ve ever seen on a National Football League field.” 

Stephen A. Smith calls out Tom Brady 

To those who missed this action – the call was on Grady and Tom Brady was so wild, that the referees had to explain ti after the game. Look on how and what Smith spoken about Brady, on this regard. 

Smith added, “I’m pretty ashamed of Tom Brady too, because Tom Brady looked at the ref and was looking for the call. I know, win at all costs but damn. Talk about taking the competition fervor out of the mic. WIN FAIRLY! Whatcha looking at the ref for? You’re Tom Brady. You’re a seven-time World Champion.” 

This win has brought back Tom Brady, Tampa Bay to winning ways yet again. On the other hand the Atlanta Falcons have slipped to a 3-3 hole.  

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