Chicago Bears and Justin Fields were involved in a poor play to start the season, and the NFL fans were quick to criticize them.

The Chicago Bears faced the Kansas City Chiefs to kickstart their preseason. Even though they won the game after coming back from a big deficit, the start of the game wasn’t good.

Justin Fields
"First drive of the year and the Fields excuses have already started wow": NFL Fans criticize Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears for a poor play in the pre-season 2

QB Justin Fields was sacked by Chris Jones, and the Bears’ offensive line looked terrible in that. They couldn’t stop the Chiefs’ defensive linemen from running at them, which led to a sack.

Last season, the Bears offensive line wasn’t good, and it caused much of the trouble that Fields was faced with. If that is the story once again this year, then another poor season for the Bears is on the horizon.

Justin Fields is a talented quarterback, but he can’t do much without a strong offensive line. Moreover, he doesn’t even have lethal weapons to go to in offense, which is why this will be a huge challenge for them.

With the new season a few weeks away, the Chicago Bears need to fix their issues. They wouldn’t want to waste another year of Justin Fields, as he can become a great quarterback if he is helped. Here are some of the best reactions to Justin Field getting sacked due to his terrible O-Line.

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