“We’re not there yet”- Colts GM Chris Ballard is still unsure about the decision on Carson Wentz



Colts GM speaks up on the future of quarterback Carson Wentz.

The season for the Indianapolis Colts came to end in a shocking way as they choked a game against the horrible Jacksonville Jaguars which knocked them out of the playoff contention.

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“We're not there yet”- Colts GM Chris Ballard is still unsure about the decision on Carson Wentz 3

Throughout the season, the Colts were one of the best teams in the league and looked like a serious contender for the Super Bowl.

Their running back Jonathan Taylor played like an MVP and led his team towards success.

They put themselves in a must-win situation against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the final game of the season and lost horribly.

Their quarterback Carson Wentz performed bad and the questions about his future were immediately raised. Many even thought that he won’t be around the team come the next season.

The General Manager of the Colts spoke up on the situation of Carson Wentz and said, “Not saying we don’t, but in the long-term best interest for us, as we sit down and work through whether Carson’s the long-term best answer or not is the best way I can put it,”

Chris Ballard said, We’re not there yet. I’m not there yet. And that’s something that we’ll talk about as a group and move forward. Whatever decision we make will be the best one for us.

“It still bothers me,” – Colts GM reflects back on the failure to qualify for the playoffs

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“We're not there yet”- Colts GM Chris Ballard is still unsure about the decision on Carson Wentz 4

Speaking about the failure of the Colts to qualify for the playoffs after being in such a good condition, their GM said, It still bothers me, We lost to Baltimore in overtime, a game I thought we should have finished. We lost to Tennessee in overtime. We fumbled twice inside the 1 versus the Rams. I know our pass rush needs to be better, but Tampa ran the ball right down our throat to win the game. So there was more than just those last two games that signified the end of our season.”

He added, I know it all ended in a way we didn’t like and we’ve closed out those situations in the past. In ’18 we had to beat Tennessee to get in, we did it. In ’20, we had to beat Jacksonville to get in, we did it. This year, we failed to do it with two opportunities to do it. Just to look at the two last games and say, ‘well, those are the only two we blew’ — no, we had other opportunities during the season to get wins that we just didn’t get it done.

It is clear that the GM of the Colts was not happy with the way their season ended. And now a future without their quarterback Carson Wentz seems like a possibility now.

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