Sean McDermott spoke about his plans for Josh Allen

The Buffalo Bills are now the favorites to win the Super Bowl this season as they have only strengthened a team that was unlucky to miss the Super Bowl last season.

Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott, left, and quarterback Josh Allen (17) stand for the national anthem before an NFL football game Sunday, Oct. 6, 2019, in Nashville, Tenn. (AP Photo/Mark Zaleski)

With the Kansas City Chiefs losing Tyreek Hill and the Green Bay Packers losing Davante Adams, the Buffalo Bills are the only contender who has not lost any good players of their team while they have also added Von Miller who will play a huge role in their run for the Super Bowl just like he did with the Rams last season.

However, the head coach of the Buffalo Bills, Sean McDermott already has plans to improve his team for this season and the future as he talked to the NFL Network and said, “Yeah, we want to evolve, We’re always trying to evolve on the field, off the field, schematically and in this case with Josh’s running or the amount of times that we run him, we have to continue to evolve that way and making sure we’re doing right by him by doing right by our team.”

He added, “So, we are going to keep a close eye on that. But the one thing we will never take from Josh is his competitive nature and spirit. So, he’s gonna do it when he’s gonna do it.”

“I don’t know if he likes to take it,”- Sean McDermott on the hits suffered by Josh Allen due to his running game

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Josh Allen

Sean McDermott further talked about the punishment taken by Josh Allen due to his explosive running game and said, “I don’t know if he likes to take it, “I don’t want to say that. That’s a better question for him, but he doesn’t shy away from mixing it up from time to time.”

He added, “I think we all have to remember Josh is only going into year five, right, so I know Josh, as well as myself and Brandon and the entire team, are looking for Josh to continue to take another step, and I know Josh is committed to that. I think that’s a sign of a great leader that leads by example.”

The Buffalo Bills are already one of the best teams in the NFL and if they upgrade their game plan for the next season then other teams are in for a scary team whenever they will lineup to face the team led by Josh Allen.

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