Nexomon Extinction Tier List – April 2022


Find out the best Nexomon for each type in our top-picks Nexomon Extinction tier list. Build your perfect team with the best Nexomon available.

Nexomon Extinction is a throwback to traditional monster-catching games, packed with a completely new tale, wacky characters, and over 300 different Nexomon to capture and tame. As strong Tyrant Nexomon fights for domination over mankind and creatures, the Earth is on the verge of annihilation. Join the Tamers Guild and embark on an epic quest to restore balance before all hope is lost.

Nexomon Extinction Tier List - April 2022
Nexomon Extinction Tier List – April 2022 (Steam)

We hope that our greatest Nexomon Extinction tier list and guide will assist you in selecting your trustworthy Nexomon team in Nexomon. There are 381 Nexomon in total, many of which have many evolutions, thus even if a stage one is weak, it’s worth catching to take advantage of its evolutions. Here is our Nexomon Extinction Tier List.

Nexomon Extinction Tier List

Best Fire Nexomon


To start this Nexomon Extinction Tier List – April 2022 we look at Lumerei. Don’t be fooled by this Nexomon’s cute appearance. It’s a vicious species. This cat has claws. After catching a Lume, which evolves into Lumefur at level 16 and Lumerei at level 34, you’ll have to play the long game to get Lumerei.


If you want the best things in life, you must work for them, and Nexomon is no exception. The iconic Nexomon Mulcimer is an excellent pick for a true firestarter on your team. It’s safe to say the creature has few flaws and will undoubtedly assist you in winning many battles.


This Nexomon in its second stage isn’t the most powerful creature in the game, but it’s capable of doing a lot of damage in a short amount of time. However, you’ll have to put in some work to gain Blazetilla, as this Nexomon can only be obtained by evolving Tiliamber at level 36.

Best Water Nexomon


The next set of Nexomon on the Nexomon Extinction Tier List, we will start off with Harectic. This is a Nexomon with good health and attack, as well as good defence and speed, is a worthy Nexomon. If you’re looking for a water-type, we recommend Harectic. At level 25, Harectic evolves from Kawsnow as a second-stage Nexomon.


This Nexomon may not be the most powerful on the list in terms of attack, but it has a solid health pool and adequate attack and defence for a common Nexomon. This stage two Nexomon evolves from Glimoory.


This legendary greater drake is a well-rounded Nexomon who is competent of dealing with the vast majority of situations. We recommend visiting some ice caves if you think you have what it takes to tame this beast.

Nexomon Extinction krainnull
Krainnull in Nexomon Extinction

Best Ghost Nexomon


Krainnull, another legendary greater drake, is unquestionably one of the most powerful Nexomon in existence, especially for the ghost type.


Fane, another legendary Nexomon, is a terrifying beast that will strike fear into the hearts of anyone who stands in its way. It not only has excellent health, but it also hits like a speeding train at high speeds.


Centeror has a significant bit of health and is capable of dealing a lot of damage to its opponents. Because it’s a stage three creature that evolved from Giddiyelp and Ponic, you’ll have to play the long game to get this Nexomon.

Best Normal Nexomon


Namansi is a beast, and it’s unfortunately not easy to come by because it’s classified as ultra-rare. The first step is Dinja, which is a good Nexomon in and of itself, and the second stage is Dichala. If you’re looking for a normal Nexomon, the whole evolution chain here is quite powerful.


If you want to terrorise the sky, this is a good monster to get your hands on. Tarragon is a well-rounded character in terms of stats, yet speed is its weak point.


Brauncher is a third-stage Nexomon, with Puggard and Poyal being its prior evolutions. Although its first stage, Poyal, isn’t the best creature of its kind, its evolutions more than make up for it. Brauncher can be obtained by levelling up Puggard to level 33.

Nexomon Extinction tarragon
Tarragon in Nexomon Extinction

Best Plant Nexomon


Another legendary Nexomon has appeared. As you can assume, Boscage is a powerful Nexomon with great stats.


It wields a stick, and we’re sure it’d be more than happy to poke and prod things it shouldn’t. Siki and Sikihob are the first and second stages, respectively.


Mantrass is a third-stage plant-type Nexomon with a high attack stat and outstanding speed. To obtain this Nexomon, capture a Stalkee, then evolve it into Mantoo, and ultimately Mantrass.

Best Electric Nexomon


This Nexomon Extinction Tier List would not be complete without electric types. Reptomotor is incredibly fast and nimble, making it an excellent choice for bringing momentum to your team. You must first catch Gekoko and evolve it to Kamelevo at level 15, then to the third-stage beast at level 32 to obtain Reptomotor.


Voltiac excels at attacking quickly while simultaneously being able to take damage. Though Volt is the beginning of this evolution tree, it evolves from Volnamic at level 32.


Another legendary Nexomon with a wide range of abilities, it is an excellent asset to any team.

Nexomon Extinction reptomotor
Reptomotor in Nexomon Extinction

Best Mineral Nexomon


Graloon is the most powerful mineral-type Nexomon for this Nexomon Extinction Tier List. This Nexomon boasting excellent health, offence, defence, and speed.


Here’s a Nexomon with a lot of health; it can take a lot of damage and strike back twice as hard. To recruit Rustung to your team, catch a Rust, then evolve it into Rustu at level 15, which then evolves into Rustung at level 33.


It can absorb a lot of damage and still stand strong. Every team requires a strong defence, which this Nexomon offers. At level 34, it evolves from Fortoise, but its first stage is Fortle.

Best Wind Nexomon


For the best Wind Nexomon on the Nexomon Extinction Tier List we can start with Tyrake. Tyrake has great health, excellent attacks, and great defence. This Nexomon will be a fearsome addition to your team and cause a lot of trouble for your opponents.


Hyphoon is a mega rare Nexomon with a lot of health and attack, as well as a high  defence and great speed.


This Nexomon is incredibly rare and difficult to obtain. To become a true Nexomon master, though, we recommend getting this legendary tyrant.

Best Psychic Nexomon


To add Felibanqo to your team, first capture a Masquiti, then evolve it into Masqat, and lastly Felibanqo.


Horget is a Psychic Nexomon with excellent health who is ideal for terrorising the opposition. Wadgon is in the beginning of its evolutionary tree, followed by Wadtail and eventually Horget.


Mystogen is a legendary greater drake and a highly clever Nexomon. As you’ve probably figured out by now, this means it’s a really powerful beast.

This was our Nexomon Extinction Tier List. You can select the best Nexomon for your team and destroy your enemies using them. Players should note that all Nexomon are viable choices and this list was based on personal opinion. You can download Nexomon from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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