Pokemon trading cards were always very popular and they took off like wildfire. But Why are these cards so expensive?

Pokemon cards are some of the most popular and expensive trading cards available. The first Pokemon card was released in 1996 and now it has grown into a multi-million dollar industry. Let’s look at why Pokemon Cards are so expensive.

1. Fast Selling 

Pokemon Cards have been a popular item for decades now. They are always in very high demand and are limited in supply. These cards are so popular that they have even become a new type of card game, Pokémon Trading Card Game Online, which is played by millions of people around the world. However, these high price tags have not lowered the selling rate at all. 

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Pokemon Cards are one of the most popular trading cards in the world (Market Realist)

2. Stock Storage 

The price rise of Pokemon Cards is mainly because of the lack of stocks. This is because the demand for these cards has increased and there is not enough supply to meet this demand. 

The scarcity of these cards has also made it difficult for kids to get their hands on them which has certainly been a major factor in the price increase. the popularity and ease of access that online trading platforms provide, making it easier for people to trade Pokémon Cards.

3. Scalpers 

Scalpers buy up a lot of goods and then sell them at a higher price. They mainly do this for some profits which is why many companies are not happy with them.

This card market has been hard hit by scalpers because they can buy up cards and then resell them for much higher prices than what they were initially sold for. This has been a major factor for the cards being too expensive.

4. Fan Following 

When a new Pokemon game has released the demands for these trading cards skyrocket. The release of a new Pokemon game comes with the release of special packs with cards from previous games and rare cards only available in limited numbers.

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Pokemon Gen1 trading cards are very expensive (Game Revolution)

Since the fan following has been so big and full of passion, these fans want to own a card that is rare and valuable. This is the reason why they want to spend so more on these cards rather than spending on some other antiques.

5. Expensive Elite Trainer Boxes 

The elite trainer boxes are the most expensive Pokemon TCG packs globally. They have a heavy price tag and are only available to a few people in the world.

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These boxes are so expensive because they were designed for collectors who want to get their hands on some of the rarest cards out there. 

6. Expensive Clash Booster Box 

The clash booster box is the latest release in the Pokemon Trading Card Game. It features a new mechanic in which players can spend their coins to buy a booster pack that contains a rare card.

Most Expensive Pokemon Cards 

Let us look at some of the most expensive Pokemon cards. These rare cards can generally come in a price range between $50,000 and $400,000.

  1. Ex Deoxys GOLD STAR HOLO Rayquaza #107 sold for $45,000
  2. 1999 Japanese Tropical Mega Battle NO. 2 Trainer sold for $50,300
  3. EX Dragon Frontiers GOLD STAR HOLO Charizard #100 sold for $60,065
  4. Tropical Mega Battle – Tropical Wind – PROMO card sold for $65,100
  5. 1998 Japanese Promo Card – Tamamushi University Magikarp Trophy sold for $66,100
  6. Pokémon Super Secret Battle “No. 1 Trainer” – Promo Holographic Card sold for $90,000
  7. 2006 – World Championships Promo No. 2 Trainer sold for $110,100
  8. 2000 – Neo Genesis 1st Edition Holographic Lugia sold for $144,300
  9.  Japanese Promo Card – Family Event Trophy – Holo Kangaskhan sold for $150,100
  10. 10.“Backless Blastoise” – Commissioned Presentation Galaxy Star Hologram sold for $360,000
  11. 11.1st Edition Charizard, Holographic – SGC GOLD LABEL PRISTINE 10 sold for $369,000
  12. 12.1998 Japanese Promo Card – HOLO – Illustrator Pikachu – PSA 7 NRMT sold for $375,000

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