A Pink sauce that weirdly resembles Pepto-Bismol for its bright pink colour became trending. Let’s look at what is trending?

A Pepto-colored sauce has completed taken TikTok by the storm which started a firestorm of social media discourse around it and also its potential dangers. 

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Chef Pii’s infamous pink sauce (Today)

On June 11, Chef Pii a Miami-based private chef and social media influencer posted a short TikTok of herself dipping a chicken tender into a bowl of bright pink sauce before taking a bite. That one video got over 755,000 views but began the journey of a product called “pink sauce.” 

Since then Chef Pii’s TikTok has gathered millions of views with her most viewed video currently standing at 6.7 million. Any video involving the sauce on her account, which she says contains sunflower seed oil, honey, chilli, garlic and dragon fruit (what makes it pink) has attracted tens of thousands of views, and there are at least 100 of them so far.

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Chef Pii is selling the Pink Sauce at $20 USD (Today)

Multiple TikTok videos showing people trying pink sauce suggest that it tastes similar to ranch dressing, but the only difference is the pink colour. 

“It tastes like a sweet ranch,” said one TikTok user who goes by the handle @chrissamone.

Plenty of people on social media have had questions and concerns about the pink sauce. Several users have pointed out inconsistencies with the sauce’s nutritional label. 

Chef Pii’s initial resistance to sharing what’s actually in pink sauce left many questions about whether the people should be buying and eating this in the first place. 

In an interview with the Washington Post, Florida-based Chef Pii defended pink sauce, saying it’s legal and safe and makes it in a facility certified by the Food and Drug Administration.

“I’ve been using it and serving it to my clients for a year – no one has ever gotten sick,” she told The Washington Post.

This has created chaos among the audience on TikTok which took the “pink sauce” into a trending sauce.

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