Dallas Cowboys are one of the popular and rich NFL teams. But what is the salary for Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders?

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the favorite NFL teams with the highest net value in the league. However, these teams become more special with the presence of Cheerleaders.

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Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders (MARCA)

The first cheerleading squad to hit the field was in 1954 to support the Baltimore Colts. Today they have an integral part in representing their teams and helping sell merchandise. Cheerleaders keep their team inspired and keep the crowd excited. Let us find out how much these Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders made from their outing.

What is the Salary for Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders?

According to various data sources, the average salary of NFL cheerleaders is $50-75 per public appearance. they also receive $150 per game day pay.

But with a franchise as popular and famous as Dallas Cowboys, their salary for Cheerleaders must be on the higher side. 

A Dallas Cowboy cheerleader can receive $500 per match or $15 to $20 per hour. The maximum salary that the Dallas Cowboys pay for their cheerleaders is $75,000 annually.

However, you will be surprised to learn that the treatment of the previous Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Once their minimum wage was made only $8 an hour. 

The Law Suit between Dallas Cowboys and their Cheerleaders 

In 2018, former cheerleader Erica Wilkins sued the Dallas Cowboys over unfairness in her pay. Wilkins put in extra hours rehearsing, practicing, and filming for the CMT show Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team. She also spends a lot of time on social media to promote the name Dallas Cowboys.

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Erica Wilkins is one of the famous Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (The Times)

Wilkins alleged that she worked more than the standard 40 hours a week without receiving overtime pay. From 2014 to 2017, the team mascot received $65,000 per year, while she received less than $10,000.

Following this lawsuit, the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders received an increase in wages from $9 to $12 per hour. And the game day pay doubled from $200 to $400.

Other NFL teams, including the Oakland Raiders, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Cincinnati Bengals, Buffalo Bills, and New York Jets, have also faced legal disputes over cheerleader pay. They increased cheerleader pay after that.

Let us look at some of the most asked questions


The average NFL cheerleader salary ranges from $15 to $20 per hour, with $500 to $700 per game and an extra $2500 per game. A professional NFL cheerleader can earn $8000 to $15000 with an annual salary of $75,000 during a season.

How famous are the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders?

The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are the most famous cheerleading team in the NFL. They’re so popular that a reality TV show is related to them. On the Instagram platform, the team currently has more than 500,000 followers.


According to Stack.com, waterboys can make $53,000 per year.


The oldest woman to dance with the Cowboys cheerleaders is 37 years old Kelli Finglass. The oldest woman on the 2011 squad was 31, and the youngest was 18.

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