TikTok is back with a new trend “ Incantation Challenge”. Let us find out more details about this trend

TikTok is back with a new trend now and this time many individuals are quite terrified by the current challenge called the “Incantation” which has become quite popular. Many internet users are alarmed by the dark film, which was based on a true story.

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TikTok is known for its new trends (TechCrunch)

This hashtag “Incantation” on TikTok has received over 127 million views as a result of several individuals uploading clips of themselves participating in the most recent spooky challenge. These challenges are pouring down now all over social media. 

What is the Incantation challenge that has gone viral?

It all began when TikToker Notjustbored1214 published a 20-second movie trailer with his 119,000 followers on the app.” I don’t care a f**k how difficult or desensitized you think you are,” he adds in the video. There is absolutely no way that you will watch the entire film without missing a single scene. 

With over 13.5 million views on the footage with the description “1hr 16min 22sec was the toughest section for me to watch,” many others decided to attempt watching the full movie without missing a single moment.

The hashtag “Incantation” challenge participants have discussed their feelings after seeing the horror movie. A lady must defend her kid when she is cursed for violating a religious taboo in the Kevin Ko-directed film. The filmmaker claims that it is based on an actual event that took place in 2005.

Enjoyed a rewatch of the great ‘Incantation’ last night, but shocked at the amount of people on TikTok claiming some parts are unwatchable for being ‘too scary.’ Have these people never seen the 1980s TV version of The Woman in Black? Lightweights.

Several viewers have left comments on Notjustbored1214’s video discussing the challenge. However, one viewer said, “Freaks me out more just because it’s based on a genuine story. Another said, “Bro it claimed it was inspired by a real tale, I’m not watching it.”

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