Netizens express concerns over BLACKPINK artist jisoo’s recent weight loss ahead of his much-awaited comeback 

Recently a post was shared on an online forum that showed a recent picture of BLACKPINK Jisoo, which has concerned the fans who suspect that the idol might have lost a lot of weight recently. 

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Jisoo is a member of the K-Pop band BLACKPINK (Koreaboo)

On July 29, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo shared a black white selfe on the fan-community platform, In the picture, Jiso was seen wearing a long-sleeved top with washed-up denim jeans.

It is not uncommon for K-Pop artists to go on diets in the weeks leading up to their comeback, K-Pop fans suspect that Jisoo might have taken the weight loss challenge a little too seriously. 

Many community posts’ comments were like this:

“I can’t believe her face got even smaller.”

“I thought she always looked that skinny?”

“Woah, she did lose weight… She was already small but she got even slimmer”

Many fans couldn’t believe that it was her and have stated that the idol has got even slimmer.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo shares glamorous Selca online 

The oldest BLACKPINK members took to Werverse to share a glamorous black and white Selca on the Reverse and wrote a caption as well. 

“BLINKs it’s been a long time. The weather is so nice, it made me think of BLINKs. Did you all see ‘Ready For Love’ that came out today?? Haha, It’s so nice to be able to show you a song that was long-awaited as a gift. Soon!!!! BLACKPINK will also come back!! Let’s all enjoy it together. As much as everyone has been waiting, we’ll come back soon. I miss and love you BLINKs, have a great day today too.”

Fans expressed their love for Jisoo and she even gave a heartwarming response for her beloved BLINKs

She also revealed that the group is working hard for their upcoming comeback and it is going to be bigger and better than anything else. 

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