Lee Jung-Jae finally responds to Marvel movie rumours


Lee Jung Jae officially responds to rumours surrounding him about joining Marvel Cinematic Universe 

Squid Game fame Lee Jung Jae became one of the fan favorites after the show. The fans wanted to see him more and this time in Hollywood content as well. 

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Lee Jung Jae is known for his portrayal in Squid Games (Hypebeast)

Several rumors and speculations were going around regarding the joining of Lee in an upcoming marvel movie. However, Lee Jung Jae has clarified that he has not received any response from Marvel regarding any role. 

On August 4, the veteran South Korean actor addressed the rumors in an interview for his latest movie Hunt with SBS Entertainment News, where he denied all the news.

The news is wrong. An overseas influencer wrote the rumour on social media probably for fun, and it was reported as fact. I’ve never received an offer from Marvel.”

Nearly two weeks ago rumors started to float around that Squid Game actor will be featuring in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Twitter account credited Daniel Richtman, a famous Marvel leaker as the source. The Squid Game actor shared that the “overseas influencer” might have written the rumor “for fun.”

Crossovers of Marvel and Korean Culture 

There were several reasons why many believed that Lee Jung Jae could star in a Marvel Studios movie. Since the company has incorporated many things related to Korean content.

The two major announcements were Park Seo-Joon’s feature in the Captain Marvel sequel and BTS song Freinds which is used as a BGM in the 2021 Eternals.

Other South Korean actors have also made their mark in the Marvel universe. Ma Dong-Seok, majorly recognized for his role in the zombie thriller Train to Busan, portrayed Gilgamesh, a member of the Eternals.

Claudia Kim was the first South Korean actor to play a role in a Marvel movie. She played Dr. Helen Cho in the 2015 movie Avengers: Age of Ultron.

These crossovers give both the fan communities a chance to celebrate and also help both the fandoms to grow as well. 

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