Joe Quinn AKA Eddie Munson performs backstage with The Metallica


Stranger Things fame Eddie Munson James with the iconic Metallica backstage at Lollapalooza

Stranger Things star Joseph Quinn aka Eddie Munson performed Master of Puppets alongside the iconic Metallica for a backstage jam session at Lollapalooza. 

Eddie Munson Stranger Things
Eddie Munson rose to fame with Stranger Things

Eddie Munson’s performance in the fourth season of Stranger Things has certainly impressed the fans. The actor got everyone on the edge of their seat with his guitar solo of Metallica’s Master of Puppets in the finale episode. 

The actor recently joined the band backstage at Lollapalooza. In a video posted by Netflix hours before taking the stage at the music festival where Metallica met the British actor and did some jamming to the same song. 

The video showcased Quinn joining the band for a jam session to the same song. Joseph was seen playing the heavy track alongside Hetfield and guitarist Kirk Hammett, with drummer Lars Ulrich providing the beat. 

James Hetfield talks about Stranger Things 

In the video, Metallica frontman James Hetfield spoke to Joseph Quinn when asked about being a fan of the show, to which he commented that he is a big fan.

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Joseph Quinn aka Eddie Munson with The Metallica (World Daily News Updates)

“I’m a big fan of [Stranger Things]. Have been since season one. My kids and I, it’s a bonding experience for us.”

During the video Lars Ulrich, the drummer joked saying that their band is now a five-member piece.

“Metallica is now a five-piece, guys.” Hammett also said, “You’re hired” to the Stranger Things star after being impressed by his guitar skills”.

Eddie Munson has spiked a massive interest in the band’s 1986 classic Master of Puppets during season four of the Netflix sci-fi series.

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