Youtuber Mr Beast is known for his giveaways. Is the Youtuber now giving away a private Island to a subscriber?

MrBeast is one of the craziest YouTubers we know. He is known for hosting some crazy giveaways and making videos that cost him billions of dollars, he recently became the second independent Youtuber to reach 100 million subscribers on the platform. 

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Mr Beast is one of the best Youtuber in the World (Variety)

In a recent Youtube short, he announced that he would be giving away a private Island to one lucky subscriber who will be declared the winner following a series of challenges. 

Let us know more about Mr Beast’s crazy giveaway

A few days before announcing the giveaway, the Youtuber posted a tweet that piqued the interest of his subscribers. In the tweet he wrote:

“We’ve been working on our 100 million subscriber special all year, and it’s my most expensive and insane video ever! I can’t wait to hit 100 mil and upload this.”

He took to Twitter and explained about the giveaway,

Mr. Beast finally made the much-anticipated announcement on August 1, 2022. In his Youtube Shorts video, he revealed that instead of becoming the second independent Youtuber to have over 100 million subscribers, he will be giving away a private island to one lucky subscriber.

In the video, this is what he said,

“I just crossed a 100 million on YouTube, and I thought what better way to celebrate this than to buy a giant private island, and then fly out a hundred random subscribers to this island to compete for it.”

He went on to describe the upcoming video as the “craziest” video he has ever filmed and announced that it would go live on Thursday, August 4 at 4 pm ET.

He further added that the first comment on the video would win a cash prize of $100,000.

Some glimpses from the video suggest that competitors might have to make fire or go swimming as part of the challenge. 

Also I just want to say that no matter how big I get I’ll never own a mansion, yacht, Lamborghini etc. All I want is to make the best videos possible and help as many people as I can while doing it

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