Clermont Twins are famous American models. But how did these twins look before surgery?

Clermont Twins became one of the popular talks of the town topics after their appearance in the show The Bad Gals Club. However, the main topic of discussion among the fans was regarding their plastic surgery as the sisters looked very different from what they used to. Let us find out how the Clermont twins looked before surgery. 

Who are the Clermont Twins?

Shannon and Shannade Clermont who are popularly known as the Clermont Twins are American models, television personalities, and fashion designers. 

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Clermont Twins are one of popular models and TV personalities (Pinterest)

The identical twins were born in Montclair, New Jersey on March 21, 1994, they are the youngest of five siblings with one sister and two brothers. Their parents are immigrants; their mother is from Jamaica and operates a daycare, and their father is from Haiti and owns a moving company.

They started modeling at the age of just 14 years old after winning a six-month program at an acting and modeling school, they worked as stand-ins for television shows including Tyler Perry’s House of Payne.

In 2015 the Clermont twins appeared as two of the seven original cast members on the fourteenth season of the reality television series Bad Girls Club which was kind of like a breakthrough for them as it got them much recognition and media attention. 

They launched their Mont Boudoir fashion label in 2017, which they designed to be “timeless” and has been reviewed as “equal parts Western cowboy and gothy ’90s starlet.”

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The Clermont Twins are fashion Designers as well (Nilaja)

The twins have appeared in music videos including “Same Damn Time” and “Real Sisters” by Future, “Gin and Drugs” by Wiz Khalifa, and “Good Form” by Nicki Minaj.

On the reality TV show The Bad Gals Club, the Clermont Twins grabbed attention after arriving half-naked on the program and being sent off for causing damage to the house. 

Clermont Twins Before and After Surgery 

The Clermont Twins changed their appearance following their participation in Bad Girls Club. Shannon and Shannade Clermont have taken numerous steps to ensure their success in Hollywood in their quest for fame. They disappeared from the public spotlight for a few months after season 14 of The Bad Girls Club and came back with a completely different facial structure.

They shocked their followers with their change, which included bleached skin, botox-plumped lips, and nose surgeries.

Here are some of the before and after pictures of the Clermont Twins:

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(Freshers Live)

Audience Reaction to Clermont Twins Plastic Surgery 

They got plenty of attention since the time they pulled off their surgery. Here are some of the reactions from fans regarding their plastic surgery:

The Clermont twins know that the more surgery they get, the more attention they get. It’s completely intentional and for money purposes,” said @thedosagebrand.

“I’m all for cosmetic surgery, but I worry about The Clermont Twins, Aubrey O’Day, and others who are just CONSTANTLY morphing and changing. I want them to feel like they’re enough Woozy face bc eventually it goes wrong,” added @officialtaygray.

“Can I be honest? they’re eating up the bimbofication aesthetic. Like, critical thought aside, they’re doing a great job. I don’t think their goal is to look ‘natural’,” said @thedigitaldash_.

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