Alex Wassabi has withdrawn his fight with KSI due to a serious injury. Who can be the next opponent for KSI?

Alex Wassabi has pulled out of his grudge fight with KSI after confirming that he has suffered “serious injury” in training. The rivals were headlining at The O2 in London on August 27 but Wassabi, who defeated KSI’s brother Deji earlier this year has been forced to withdraw. 

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KSI vs Alex Wassabb poster (DAZN)

This is what he wrote on Instagram:

“With all these rumours going around, there’s only 2 things that are true. “I’ve recently suffered a serious injury and I will be back very soon. You don’t play with concussions. new fight date announcement on the way.”

Many people wondered if Jake Paul would come into the picture with Wassabi has gone however KSI took to Twitter and clarified that they have already contacted another fighter in case the opponents pulled out.

What you didn’t know is that we actually contracted another fighter in case you guys pulled something like this. @jakepaul

Jake Paul offers to replace Alex Wassabi on August 27 against KSI 

Jake Paul has offered to replace Alex Wassabi to fight KSI. ‘The Nightmare’ was set to fight Wassabi on August 27 at the O2 Arena in London. 

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KSI faced off against Jake Paul in 2021 (Daily Express)

Following the announcement, Paul reacted to the news and offered to replace Wassabi on the card via an Instagram post:

“Ha ha ha ha, oh KSI’s fight man, I heard the news, it sucks for Alex obviously. He has a concussion, he can’t fight. But now this puts KSI into a corner. If he doesn’t accept the fight with me, we all just know he’s scared. KSI I will come to London, I will weigh a 180 pounds for the fight. You could be the A-side, what’s your excuse? Do you accept?”

Jake Paul vs KSI is very much a reality now and fans may get to see the fight finally after a long time. The Nightmare initially planned on fighting Wassabi as a warm-up before challenging Paul.

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