Fake News of Hollywood actor-director Clint Eastwood goes viral after claiming the death of the personality 

A video recently went viral on WhatsApp saying that the legendary Hollywood actor-director Clint Eastwood was dead. However, the fact is Eastwood at 92 age is very much alive. 

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Clint Eastwood is a revolutionary actor and director (Gulf Today)

The video was titled: “Sad News/RIP Clint Eastwood/Goodbye Clint Eastwood”. 

It created a wave of shock among the fans as they started commenting about him with a tweet. 

One of them without verifying said, “This is incredible. Shocking. He was iconic.” However, then only a film critic cleared out that the news is a hoax and not true. 

Eastwood is known for his revolutionised spirit which changed from violence to peace-driven messages. 

Clint Eastwood reveals tips that help him work even in his 90s

The 92-year-old legendary actor has featured in more than 60 movies and most of them have famously been Westerns. He is going well and well and has no intentions of slowing down. 

Clint has recently offered top health advice and revealed how he maintained his fitness even in old age. The legendary actor has stayed away from bad habits and also maintains a strict fitness regime which has been passed down in his family and his son calls it the Eastwood Code. 

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Clint has maintained a good fitness regime throughout his life (Health Fitness Revolution)

He recently provided the instructions to remain fit. 

  • Keeping a scale in the bathroom.
  • Being optimistic.
  • Getting rest.
  • Eating raw vegetables and fruits.
  • Having vitamins.
  • Avoid excess alcohol.
  • Skip the sugary beverages.

Eastwood also once stated that his diet contains 10% cheat meals and 90% healthy meals and stated that good and healthy proteins like chicken and salmon, followed by broccoli, lots of greens, asparagus, and veggies, are essential. He values exercise and good food. 

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