5 Wrestlers who are fathers in real life


On this auspicious occasion of Father’s Day. Let us look at 5 wrestlers who are fathers in real life.

Fathers are one of the pillars of a family, and some of the professional wrestlers of WWE and other promotions are also dads in their real life. However, some talents shout about being a father. At the same time, some are so private because of their characters that people don’t know about the life they lead. Here are 5 wrestlers who are fathers in real life.

5. The Undertaker 

The Undertaker has spent so many years working hard to be in the character that many fans don’t think he would be a caring father. But, since the gimmicks are so natural, audiences believe that he always plays that part.

Meet WWE legend wrestler "The Undertaker" with three wives, four children -  The Maravi Post
The Undertaker with his four children in the center (The Maravi Post)

But the truth is Undertaker is a father in real life. He has four children, one of which has been named after Vince McMahon himself.

4. Riddle 

The former WWE RAW Tag Team Champion has been on WWE television consistently, which might make many people presume that he might not have a family of his own. However, he is always playing his fun-loving character, bringing comedy aspects as well. 

Riddle Blasted By His Wife For Moving Away From Family - Wrestling Inc.
Riddle has got a beautiful family of three children (Wrestling Inc.)

A lot of people are not aware of the fact that away from wrestlers, he also has one more role, which is of a father. Riddle is a dad in real life and has three children.

3. Samoa Joe 

Samoa Joe is a former WWE NXT Champion and is one of the big names in the pro-wrestling business. Still, he is another very private wrestler, and fans don’t know much about him besides his wrestling career. 

Samoa Joe is one of the best submission wrestlers in WWE
Samoa Joe joined WWE after a great stint with TNA (WWE)

His badass character is something which doesn’t relate to him being a father. However, that is not the case in real life, as he is a dad and has a family of his own. 

2. Roman Reigns 

Roman Reigns is one of the biggest names in WWE right now, but you will rarely see him talk about his life outside the ring. He is very private with his life and doesn’t mention his children on television.

Roman Reigns and his kids | Roman reigns family, Roman reigns wife, Roman  reigns daughter
Roman Reigns is a father of 5 kids (Pinterest)

That is why many people do not know that he has children and not one or two but a total of 5 kids. He and his wife have built the family together, and Reigns is quite close to his daughter. 

1. Brock Lesnar 

Brock Lesnar is one of the strongest contenders in WWE. This fierce candidate lives a private life and doesn’t share at all about his family. However, most fans don’t know that he is also a father.

image 7
Brock Lesnar has two kids (Sports Wiki)

He always maintains that gimmick of a beast who doesn’t care about others, so it is common for people to think that he is like that in his real life. But in real life, he is a father of four children. One of which is a sportsperson like him.

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