New World update 1.0.1 deals with the AFK problem


This is the first update for Amazon’s MMO game New World. It has many changes and Bug fixes that will improve the game even more. Here is everything that you should know.

New World has gotten its first patch, designated update 1.0.1, a week after its release. The developers have addressed many issues faced by the community in this one week. They have made some necessary changes that will improve the game performance. Along with this game update, they have also doubled the servers for New World. This will ensure that the players are not stuck in a long queue. 

Apart from some of the important updates mentioned below, the developers have taken the feedback of the community and made some significant Bug Fixes. They have made some general bug fixes that were needed to maintain the quality of the game and ensure a smooth gameplay experience. Players will be happy to know that they have also fixed the AI for many of the enemies in the game. Players can read the detailed patch notes and Quest Fixes on the official site here.

New World update AFK Prevention

One of the most significant changes is an overhaul to the AFK prevention mechanism, which ensures that players cannot deceive the system with stimulated mouse movement. The AFK warning message has also been shortened from 20 to 15 minutes, with disconnection occurring after 20 minutes rather than 25.

New world MMORPG
New World gameplay

New World Update Server changes

According to the patch notes, the developers have already started laying the framework for player server transfers, which was promised to address difficulties that arose during launch, such as users selecting servers they didn’t want to play on. The patch notes were released as part of a message on the official New World website thanking players for their support since the game’s release late last month. Here are the complete patch notes


In War, turret projectiles were replaced by hitscan detection instead of actual projectiles. With fewer things spawned in the environment, performance in War should improve.

World Queue

When a player attempts to leave the wait for a world, the developers have introduced a confirmation box that asks the player to affirm that they want to leave the queue. This should assist ensure that no one exits the queue by accident and loses their place in line.

With this new update, the game will be improved and players will no longer face queue troubles and AFKers. It is also noteworthy that the developers are actively listening to the community and making prompt changes. It will be exciting to see the future of this new MMORPG.

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