Who is NBA referee Marc Davis? Giannis brings up NBA ref with a wild swipe at Richard Jefferson

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Who is NBA referee Marc Davis, and why did Giannis Antetokounmpo bring him up while taking a wild swipe at Richard Jefferson?

Giannis Antetokounmpo, the star player of the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team, recently made a remark that went viral after being caught on a hot mic during the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game where he was serving as a coach for Dwyane Wade’s team.

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Giannis was acting as a coach for Richard Jefferson’s team in the All-Star Celebrity Game

In the first half of the game, Richard Jefferson, a former NBA forward, made a cameo appearance as a referee and was joking around with Antetokounmpo when the latter made a savage comment, saying, “You’re out here reffing like Marc Davis and s**t.” Jefferson quickly informed Antetokounmpo that he was wearing a microphone, implying that the basketball star might not have made the comment if he had known it would be picked up.

Marc Davis, an NBA referee with 25 years of experience, is known for making controversial calls and ejections over the years, although not necessarily for positive reasons.

Who is Marc Davis and what controversial calls is he known for?

Marc Davis is a veteran NBA referee who has been officiating in the league for over 25 years.

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Who is NBA referee Marc Davis? Giannis brings up NBA ref with a wild swipe at Richard Jefferson 3

He is widely recognized as one of the league’s most experienced referees. However, Davis has also been involved in some controversial calls and ejections over the years that have brought him under scrutiny. Some of the most notable incidents involving Davis include his decision to eject Tim Duncan from a game in 2016 for laughing on the bench, which sparked outrage among fans and players. He also made a controversial call in a game between the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors in 2019, which some people believe cost the Rockets the game.

In general, Davis has been criticized for being inconsistent, which has led to frustration among players, coaches, and fans alike. However, it is worth noting that referees in any professional sport are bound to make calls that are contentious or unpopular, and Davis is no exception.

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