Joe Mazzulla is expected to be the permanent new head coach of the Boston Celtics as Ime Udoka is close to becoming the Nets HC.

Ime Udoka and Joe Mazzulla
"We love Joe"- Marcus Smart is expecting Joe Mazzulla to succeed after Ime Udoka gets close to joining the Brooklyn Nets 2

Ime Udoka was given a season-long suspension by the Boston Celtics after it was discovered that he had allegedly engaged in inappropriate romantic behavior with a member of the team, which is in violation of the team’s standards. Udoka’s employment with the Celtics was not terminated; nonetheless, he is currently in the running to take over as head coach of the Brooklyn Nets.

Ime Udoka is now being discussed as a candidate to take over as head coach of the Brooklyn Nets following the recent parting of ways between the team and Steve Nash. Marcus Smart, the current defensive player of the year, did not react very positively after hearing this news.

However, Marcus Smart is still happy with Joe Mazzulla continuing as the head coach of the Boston Celtics. Talking about Mazzulla, Smart said, “You can have more than one best friend. That’s just kind of the relationship it is. We love Joe. We also love Ime, too. Joe understands that, and Joe loves him. But we’re definitely excited for Joe and proud of Joe and it’s not fair to Joe to have to keep hearing this either and go through what he’s going through.”

Hopefully, Joe Mazzulla will be able to lead the Boston Celtics to a championship. Ime Udoka was able to take them to the NBA Finals last season, and now it’s up to Mazzulla to take them a step further.

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