Watch: Patrick Beverley block on LeBron James goes viral after interview


The Patrick Beverley block on LeBron James in 2019 has gone viral on Twitter following the new Los Angeles Lakers superstar’s comments about his new teammate.

Patrick Beverley is one of the most entertaining superstars in the league. Apart from his dogged resilience and incredible defensive ability that makes him one of the best guards in the league, Beverley is also known for his eccentric comments that has seen him spark quite a few feuds in the past both on and off the court – and he made another hilarious comment only recently.

LeBron James Patrick Beverley Block
Watch: Patrick Beverley block on LeBron James goes viral after interview 3

The Los Angeles Lakers players gathered for media day ahead of the upcoming 2022/23 NBA season, and as a part of the interview – they were asked what is their favourite moment of their legendary teammate LeBron James. While most players came up with a fanboy moment, Beverley showed he was built different as he chose the block he made on LeBron in 2019.

When LeBron was asked about his thoughts on Beverley choosing the block he made on Bron as his favourite Bron moment, the Lakers superstar could not hold back his laughter as he said: “What’s wrong with Pat, man – he got issues”. While the hilarious interview went viral in no time, so did the clip of the aforementioned block became trending as well – and for good reason.

What was the clip of the LeBron James block all about?

Soon after LeBron’s interview at the Lakers media day went viral, the source material of it was trending as well.

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Watch: Patrick Beverley block on LeBron James goes viral after interview 4

It was Christmas Day in 2019 as the Los Angeles Lakers went up against the Los Angeles Clippers. The match went right down to the wire as with only seconds remaining on the clock in the fourth quarter, the Lakers were trailing the Clippers by a three-point deficit – and LeBron took matters into his own hands (quite literally) as he aimed to bridge the gap with a three.

However, Beverley had other plans. The guard so reputed for his dogged resilience made it extremely hard for LeBron to get his shot away even with his height advantage, and eventually tipped the ball out of LeBron’s fingers and celebrated as Bron lost control of the ball.

The Lakers will certainly be lucky to have Pat Bev’s resilience in their ranks this upcoming season – adding an important cog to their arsenal as they try and win the NBA Championship.

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