Kyrie Irving trashes retirement rumors due to Covid-19 vaccine status


Kyrie Irving puts retirement rumors to bed on recent Instagram live

The Kyrie Irving vaccination saga seems to be not slowing down anytime soon. After the Brooklyn Nets announced earlier that they will not allow Irving to plat for them until he gets vaccinated speculations of Irving going into retirement started to catch heat.

Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving is one of the biggest names in the NBA (NBA)

But the Nets faithful can take sigh of relief as Irving has put these rumors to bed. Irving was live on Instagram and was talking about his vaccine stance. He was asked about retiring. Irving made it clear that he is not done and won’t be retiring like this.

He believes he still has a lot to do in the league and will certainly not let his stance harm his aspirations. He explained that he believes that not getting vaccinated is what he believes the best for him and he’ll stick to his beliefs.

Why have the Brooklyn Nets decided to not call up Kyrie Irving?

The Nets GM Sean Marks recently announced that they will not bother Irving until he gets vaccinated. The main reason of this is that the team does not want to have anyone who is available part time with them. The team is working on building chemistry and everyone should move in the same direction for it. That is why they decided that Irving will not feature for Nets until he gets fully vaccinated.

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Kyrie Irving (Twitter)

The Nets have made it clear that one of their main men won’t be allowed to plat until he gets vaccinated. Irving has certainly no plans of getting vaccinated. How will the things unfold for Irving? Only time will tell.

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