Stephen A. Smith reminded fans of Shaquille O’Neal controlling things in Los Angeles to keep Kobe Bryant safe after the trade

There was a time when NBA Radio host Stephen A.Smith said that Golden State Warriors ‘Kevin Durant needs to be careful when making some remarks about Shaquille O’Neal because of his generous heart. 

Shaquille O'Neal
Shaq O’Neal and Kobe Bryant played for Los Angeles Lakers together (The Sports Rush)

It is about the time when Shaq was getting traded but still, he came to save Kobe after he was traded. Fans were not happy with Kobe but Shaq said that it was all business as Shaq left the lakers. 

During an Interview with ESPN NBA star, Stephen Smith explained how Shaq came for Kobe after he was traded. This is what he said,

“When Shaquille O’Neal got traded, I love me some Kobe but brothers wanted to come for Kobe. It was a healthy thing for Kobe to be teleporting to the Staples Center because the role might have been a little son different, they wanted him bad and they meant him home and it was Shaq that stepped in and said Nah that Ain’t happening this is business that’s what we going to do because I am still going to be Shaq in that community. 

He continued, 

“Why was that mattering so much if you are contributing to the communities and this dude gets traded your first order of thinking is that all of that study I going to go to, so you have people who were pointing the finger at Kobe without even Kobe knowing it and it was Shaq that stepped in to say no”. 

Shaquille O’Neal recently spoke about how he believes he and Kobe will be remembered as a duo.

O’Neal and Bryant played for eight seasons together in the NBA. Their reign together started in 1996. It was the year Kobe was drafted and the year Shaq left Orlando to sign with the Lakers. The legendary duo would then go on to win three NBA championships in a row together from 1999-2002.

Stephen Smith revealed how there is no player to Shaquille O’ Neal’s level of Generosity 

He continued in the interview and elaborated on the impact of Shaq when he stepped in for Kobe and also mentioned how Durant needs to be careful when making remarks about Shaq.

biggest feet in NBA
Shaquille O’Neal attends an event. (Image: Scott Mlyn | CNBC)

“Shaq is connected to the streets, Shaq is connected to corporate America, Shaq is one of the most real most genuine dudes you will ever find and he is incredibly charitable which is something that everybody acknowledged including the great Jerry West when he sat up there and gave a speech for the unveiling of Shaq statue. But for Kevin Durant to come out of his mouth and say about life, you talking about Shaq’s life. He has already lived life and Durant got a kind soul in terms of the community where he can end up imitating Shaq but it is pretty close to impossible that a professional athlete would exceed Shaq in terms of generosity, so Durant needs to be careful with that”.

Shaquille O’Neal is known for his charity work among the fans and has donated a lot of money and other commodities to communities.

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