What did Shaquille O’Neal (Shaq) have to say about the recent Ja Morant controversy?

Ja Morant, the star guard for the Memphis Grizzlies has made a reputation for himself to be one of the brightest young stars in the league – but it is not looking good for him at the moment. In a string of incidents dating back to last summer, Morant and people close to him were accused of threatening and even violent behaviour against other people.

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Shaq became the latest in the NBA community to speak out against Ja Morant

While it was revealed that police were looking into the allegations, Morant decided to make things even worse for himself after he flashed a gun in a Denver nightclub only days after. While in Denver after playing against the Nuggets, the All-Star guard chose to display a firearm on his Instagram live stream – that saw him get suspended by the Grizzlies for at least two games.

However, as it turns out, Morant has made things even worse for himself after he reportedly carried the gun with him on the Grizzlies’ team premises. While the NBA is currently looking into the situation, Morant – if found guilty – will have to pay a heavy fine or a suspension. Morant has since received plenty of criticism from the NBA community, and Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal has become the latest to speak out against Morant.

What did Shaq have to say about the Ja Morant situation?

During Tuesday’s edition of the “NBA on TNT,” O’Neal weighed in on the controversy and reminded Morant, “You’re not a rapper, you’re an NBA player.”

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Shaq reminded Morant that is an NBA player and not a rapper

O’Neal added that the two-time All-Star guard only has himself to blame for his current situation: “You don’t go live, nobody knows he has a weapon, [then] we’re not talking about this, but he did that.”

Shaq added: “Why are you in the strip club with no shirt? Why are you walking around with a weapon? And why’d you hit the live button? So, we have to stop putting ourselves in positions where they can take away the things that we work hard for.” Shaq went on to say that he hopes the 23 year old will learn from his mistakes.

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