Watch: Mavericks star Luka Doncic hilariously struggles on Instagram LIVE


Luka Doncic has made the headline for all the positive reasons in the 2022-23 season but this time the Slovenian sensation has done the same for a hilarious reason. Trying to get tech-friendly, Doncic hilariously flopped while watching the TCU football vs. Georgia football match and to add to his misery it was all caught on Instagram Live.

Luka Doncic 60-point triple double
Luka Doncic 60-point triple double

The leading MVP candidate was in attendance at SoFi Stadium to cheer for Dallas’ own TCU Horned Frogs. This is just where he committed the crime to stream the match on Instagram Live, and to everyone’s surprise, he struggled big time.

To add more humor to the situation, there were tons of NSFW messages being passed in the background as Doncic struggled whist making a desperate attempt to connect with even more of his fans.

Luka Doncic struggles on Instagram LIVE

Safe to say things are always funny when the 23-year-old Slovenian International is involved. Luka Doncic clearly just wanted to enjoy the game and share the moment with his followers, but he certainly didn’t expect the stress that comes with it. Considering that, it’s a good decision to end Instagram Live.

Luka doncic beer
Luka Doncic

That being said, apart from this hilarious incident, Doncic will be in action for the Mavs in their next matchup against the Los Angeles Clippers. Hopefully, he can turn all the laughs into applause.

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