Watch: Lauri Markkanen’s emphatic 0.4 buzzer-beater gets waived off in nail-biting showdown vs. Kings


Lauri Markkanen has surely found his new grove with Utah Jazz as he continued to impress in the team’s latest showdown at home against Sacramento Kings. Given that the Jazz had parted ways with Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell before the start of the 2022-23 campaign, Lauri is one player who has given them reasons to focus on the rebuild.

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Lauri Markkanen

While you might remember Tyler Herro’s game-winner, Lauri Markkanen too followed in the same footsteps on Tuesday. While the Kings were at the top of the game for the majority period of the time, Lauri scored the last 5 points for the home side to send the game to OT. However, unfortunately for him, the last 2 in his mentioned 5 were not counted as the clock timed out before the ball left his fingertips.

With 21 seconds remaining and the scores tied at 115 apiece, De’Aaron Fox got past Lauri to score an easy and tantalizing go-ahead jumper to put his side up by 2 points, and only 0.4 seconds remaining on the clock.

Lauri Markkanen’s buzzer-beater gets ruled out on Tuesday Night vs. Kings

With the scenario calling out for one particular player to take center stage, Jarred Vanderbilt threw an accurate, full-court pass towards Lauri Markkanen who caught the ball in stride and let the ball fly over the outstretched arms of Keegan Murray just as the clock timed out.

The Jazz appeared to have tied the score with 117-117 to snap their current four-game losing streak. However, that wasn’t to be the case as the refs eventually ruled the buzzer-beater out after watching the clip in slow motion. Agony for Markkanen to say the least.

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