“He’s got a crazy name” – Victor Wembanyama has hilarious take on teammate Steeve Ho You Fat’s name become viral


Victor Wembanyama has given a hilarious take after his teammate Steeve Ho You Fat’s name went viral on social media.

While nobody knew about Steeve Ho You Fat before this week, most of the American basketball community knows about him now. While the 34-year-old Frenchman made the news after he played his first ever game on American soil with the Metropolitans 92 against the NBA’s G-League Ignite, he stayed in the news for an incredible and hilarious last name.

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34 year old Frenchman Steeve Ho You Fat

The Frenchman’s last name and his jersey went viral ever since the LNB Pro A side met the G-League side at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Ho You Fat is named like he is because of his paternal grandfather being a Chinese immigrant, but that did not stop the crazy amount of memes about the Frenchman have done the rounds on social media since.

The memes have also attracted takes from American celebrities such as Kevin Hart, but the latest reaction came from close to home – it was Ho You Fat’s Mets teammate Victor Wembanyama who shared his thoughts on the trending name. The 18-year-old who is similar in the news but because of his prodigious skill also gave his two cents on his trending teammate’s name.

What did Wembanyama have to say about his teammate’s viral name?

Wembanyama’s reaction to his teammate’s name going viral was a hilarious one.

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“He’s got a crazy name” – Victor Wembanyama has hilarious take on teammate Steeve Ho You Fat’s name become viral 3

When asked about how his teammate Steeve is doing, the Frenchman said: “He’s having so much attention right now. I’m so happy for him. He’s taking it in a good way, I think he’s really gonna make something out of it… I mean, let’s be honest: He’s got a crazy name!

Ho You Fat – who’s spent all his professional career in the French basketball league – would certainly want to thank his ancestors for the name that has made him a household name in the American basketball community at the ripe age of 34.

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